Palm Beach Weekly Wrap Up 6/19/2016

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Jason Michael

June 20th, 2016

This may be the best end to a racing season ever at Palm Beach.

The Track Championship chase is in a historic run that has the last two weeks of June rippled with drama.   Also another victory blanket for the St Pats winner happens on Fathers Day.

Lets get into the top stories from this past weeks action at "The Beach."

Season Wins Chase-Track Championship

Ethel Is Here ~ 27 Wins

Atascocita Camry  ~ 27 Wins

Barts Dublin ~ 27 Wins

Superior Tyson ~ 25 Wins

We've been talking about it for weeks and the chaos has only gotten more prevalent.  As you can see, three athletes are tied with just 11 racing days left in the season. Not since 2005 have so many greyhounds had the chance to take home a title for their team.

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The Derby Champ Ethel Is Here had two opportunities to secure at least a share of the championship this week but was not able secure a victory. Will need to regroup fast to have a chance to take home a first Track Championship at Palm Beach for the Janie Carroll Kennel.

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The hottest racer out of this group appears to be Atascocita Camry from Suncoast Racing. Has reeled off three straight wins at the perfect time and has proven very tough to catch after her blazing box breaks. Her latest win over the best in the 660 on Fathers Day, including Ethel was the most impressive win of her season. Can she be stopped?

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"The Luck of the Irish" Barts Dublin from the Douglas Kennel has been the most consistent sprinter all season and it has paid off with a share of the wins lead.  Boosted his chances with two victories this week, including a 29.52 sizzler in Friday's Matinee.

The biggest question to me is what kind of fields will each racer see in their final few starts? Would love to see Camry and Ethel get matched up one more time and Dublin to go against some of the top talent on the sprint course (Tyson, Bubba, Go Big etc.)  No matter what happens, the last few weeks with this chase are an absolute must watch.

Fathers Day All Star Feature

If there is a green blanket on the line, Superior Tyson is taking it home.

After taking the $50,000 St Patricks blanket in March, "Kid Dynamite" from top kennel B & B Racing dominated the most dynamic male sprinters at Palm Beach on Sunday with a 29.57 secs victory.  With a powerful rush and close, this could possibly be your BetAmerica Daytona 550 National Championship representative from here. This is one powerful greyhound.

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Most Clever Greyhound Racing Names

Greyhound racing names are part of all the fun with the sport.  One owner that has the most unique names at Palm Beach has to be Billy O'Donnell who runs the North Shore Kennel. He team loves to take seemingly simple expressions and make them cool with sensational spellings, including He's My Man Champ Xtenshun.

Dogs like Fourchewknit, Sell Fish, Krewshull, Kansuhlayshun, Nylawn, Turrmanayturr & Unfourgiveuhbull to just name a few.  One of my favorite things to do is check the program to see who the next dogs are coming from this Team. Well done North Shore.

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Speeding Bullet Close To Returning

The track record holder returning to Palm Beach after a one year hiatus schooled twice this week as he gets back into racing shape, finishing second and fourth.  This is an intriguing story that will be very interesting to follow as we head into the new season starting July 1st.

That's all we have for this week.  We'll see you next time for the Wrap-Up!