Palm Beach Weekly Wrap Up 8/21/2016

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Jason Michael

August 22nd, 2016

America's favorite greyhound track continued it's high entertainment value this past week. "The Moose" and Sentinel are just lighting up the Royal Palm Course & the Labor Day Puppy Stakes got rolling to the delight of race fans. But why are people running around crazy with their cell phones at the club?

Here's the top stories we saw from this past week at "The Beach."

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$20K Labor Day Puppy Stakes Tourney Starts

The first major Stakes series of the new season is back at Palm Beach.  This tournament has launched the careers of former stars Pat C Seeker, Atascocita Henri & Rob Gronkowski and is one of the most watched series in the entire country. The first two rounds happened this past week, with the first round on Wednesday and the second last Saturday.

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The heavy favorite to take home the top prize Big Red Dog from Rader Racing easily won his first round start on Wednesday with an impressive 29.76 secs victory.  Using that classic box fire to bolt to the front, "Clifford" had a great start to what his team hopes will be a fabulous tourney over the next few weeks.

Also running well in the first round were Whirlin Toodlelu and BartsHelloImLate both from the red hot Douglas Kennel.

The second round is when the tote board lit up like the Fourth of July. Not one winner from the previous round was able to make it back to the winners circle as the long shots became the norm on Saturday.  I thought this tournament would come down to just a few greyhounds but from what we have seen so far, this is going to be a wide open shootout.

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To the delight of many Republicans around the country, Donald Trump from the Brindle Kennel ran "tremendous" on Saturday and was able to qualify for the round of 32 coming up on Wednesday. Will need to not run "sad" in this next round if he's to have any chance at making it to the semis.

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Sentinel & Moose Continue Their Dominance

If this keeps up, they might just get their own section of the Wrap Up every single week.

The co- wins leaders since the beginning of the season Sentinel (pictured) from Ryan Racing and GV MooseIsLoose from the Douglas Kennel both easily were victorious in Friday's Matinee, cruising each to their 8th wins of the new campaign.  This is easily one of the hotter starts by two athletes Palm Beach has seen in some time.
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The Mooooooose with that blinding early speed has only lost once this season, ironically to Sentinel.  It is still early, but could Palm Beach do the unthinkable once again and have two representatives in the National Championship in January at Daytona?  These are two emerging stars you just can't take your eyes off of in the coming months.
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Morgan The Best On The Rhonda Course?

When the track champions from last season both ran the 660 yard distance, it seems inconceivable to even think there could be another greyhound that could already be better.  But that is whats happening.

Fraulein Morgan from the Janie Carroll Kennel continued her remarkable first two months of racing this year by topping Atascocita Camry on Friday for her third straight victory.  That's now 6 wins already in 9 starts, with every start landing her in the trifecta.

Last season, Carroll moved Morgan back to her home track at Hollywood once their meet started in November and the same could happen again this year.  But with how well she is running, could a Derby run at Palm Beach coming up in February sway her team to keep her here? With kennel mate Ethel Is Here off form & Camry sitting on just one victory this season, Fraulein Morgan could sit at the top as long as she wants to.
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*JS SpeedyPebbles*

Ladder Watch Is In Full Effect

The Shake & Bake Boys from the Koppe, Staats & Collins Kennel are back at it again bringing up an emerging star.

Pat C Eco stayed undefeated in her young career Saturday night, getting her 4th straight romp in Grade C.  Now the anticipation grows as people start paying close attention to see if this greyhound can complete the Grade Ladder from Maiden to A without a defeat.
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This was last done by Sg's Tom Seaver last December and was also pulled off by JS SpeedyPebbles back in 2013 for KS & C.

With Eco having a famous sire in former track record holder Atascocita Bowl and with solid splits through these first four races, there's a real chance that this could happen.  Stay tuned this week for Eco's next start.
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Pokemon At PBKC?

Yep even Palm Beach has been taken over by the popular app game.

It was revealed this past week that there are virtual Pokemon's are all around "The Beach" and people are encouraged to tweet about them using the hashtag #PBKCPokemon. You can actually win $100 Visa Gift Card if you are one of the lucky winners of this contest.  If you see random people with their smartphones scampering all around the club acting bonkers, it's alright, they are just trying to win money.  In a place where there are more ways to win, more winners and more fun, this seems to fit right in.

Good move by Palm Beach for encouraging the younger generation to come to the club no matter what game they fancy. Just somebody explain to Grandpa what the heck is going on.
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That's all we have for this week.  See you next time for the Wrap Up!