Palm Beach Weekly Wrap Up 9/25/2016

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Jason Michael

September 26th, 2016

*Superior Tyson*

Another great week of action at The Palm Beach Kennel Club!  Lets get into the top stories we saw at America's favorite greyhound track:

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Kid Dynamite Is Back

Superior Tyson from B & B Racing looks like he is back in top form.  The $50,000 St Patricks Day Invitational winner and one of the top superstars Palm Beach has took off most of the summer for a well deserved vacation but is really ramping up his game this Fall.  Tyson cruised to a 7 and a half length win in Friday's Matinee, looking every bit as dominant as he was all of last season.

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He still has a couple of months to prove to the National Championship committee that he should be in the conversation to represent Palm Beach in our self sponsored Daytona 550.  With this season being so wide open, the sky is the limit for one of South Florida's best athletes. Stay tuned.

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Palm Beach Continues To Put The Safety Of The Greyhounds First

The Palm Beach Kennel Club has always made it very clear that they put the safety of their athletes first when it comes to their business and they proved it once again this past Tuesday.

After three races in the Matinee, major storms rolled into Palm County, bringing torrential downpours and nasty lightning.  Rather then take a chance of anything happening or waiting out storms that weren't going to let up, Palm Beach made the decision to cancel the rest of the afternoon's races.  This may have been disappointing to race fans that love seeing their favorite greyhounds running, but their well being will always be the top priority and I applaud Palm Beach for making the right call.

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Let Me See The Tootsie Roll!

Palm Beach has a "sweet" new superstar that has caught fire since September started.

Cbj Tootsie Roll from the Royal Racing Team won her third straight Grade A contest on Thursday, using that patented burst to start and went box to wire for the 29.66 secs victory.  "Tootsie" who will only turn two years old this Friday is one hot prospect to follow the rest of this season. You can see her next start in Monday's Matinee 12th Race at "The Beach."

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The Moose Calls Have Gone Quiet

After rising all the way up to #4 in the UGR Top 25 Rankings last month and setting the track a blaze the first two months of the season, GV MooseIsLoose has suddenly gone cold.

Now we wouldn't expect Moose to keep up his 90% winning percentage that he was rockin to start the campaign.  After Saturday's place finish that saw him cough up a gigantic lead and miss the winners circle for a fifth consecutive start, all the hype surrounding this greyhound is fading fast.  Moose still is right in the thick of the track championship chase with nine victories.  The Douglas Kennel is certainly hoping their leader gets back into form quickly. We are also missing our Moooooooose calls!

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Jose Fernandez Tribute

Before the start of Sunday's racing action, Track Announcer Ramon Cadavieco took to the mic to pay tribute to Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez who was tragically killed early that morning.  Cadavieco who is of Cuban descent just like Fernandez and a huge Marlins fan delivered a speech directly from the heart for South Florida's fallen hero:

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"Good afternoon ladies & gentleman and welcome to the Palm Beach Kennel Club.  Racing fans and the sports world today, the Marlins & the Fernandez Family have suffered a tremendous loss with Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez.  Our condolences and prayers go out to the 3 families involved.  Today will forever be remembered as Jose Day.  Rest in peace hermano."

A true reminder of how precious life really is.

You can see the full video on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rcadavieco1/videos/1284671588232722/

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That's all we have for this week.  See you next time for the Wrap Up!