Palm Beach Weekly Wrap Up 9/4/2016

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Jason Michael

September 5th, 2016

*Superior Tyson*

Welcome to September! The greyhound racing season at Palm Beach will just continue to get better and better as we roll into Fall with the 20K Puppy Stakes Final on Monday.  Before we know it, we will be talking about the $150K triple stakes series that gets rolling in January.

Here are the top stories we saw from this past week at "The Beach."

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Labor Day Puppy Stakes Final

It doesn't get any better then this as the first major Stakes Final of the season is upon us coming up in Monday's 12th Race.  Leading point earner through the first four rounds of qualifying "Clifford" the Big Red Dog from Rader Racing will be the heavy favorite to take home the top prize after putting together a 29.92 secs victory last Monday in the semis. This is the 20th running of the prestigious tournament finale and is sure to be an instant classic.

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With a solid field of youngsters vying for instant superstar status, this is one Final that is a must watch for the holiday. Here's our preview in what we think will happen:


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"Kid Dynamite Is Back"

What a welcome sign for Palm Beach it is when one of it's biggest stars looked like his normal self this week.

St Pats Champ Superior Tyson from B & B Racing is back from his well deserved summer break and is ready to fire again this season.  "Iron Mike" looked well rested in Friday's Matinee, as he cruised to a blowout 29.71 secs knockout victory. Tyson was originally my pick to represent Palm Beach in the National Championship race before the season started and he still has time to get in that conversation.  Watch out for Tyson in the next few months to see if he can regain dominance in South FLA.

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Top 10 Rankings For August

One of our favorite things that comes out every month is our Top 10 Rankings for the best greyhounds at Palm Beach.  As expected GV MooseIsLoose from the Douglas Kennel led the way with his ridiculous 82% winning percentage last month.

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Also impressive was that Janie Carroll's team took home four of the top ten spots on our list, including the hot prospect Go Big Or GoHome who ripped off three straight victories to end the month.

If you missed our Top 10, here's the feature:


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MooseIsLoose Contest

It was announced on Palm Beach's social media feeds this week that a contest to find the worlds greatest Moooooooooooose call is underway.  From all the popularity that track announcer Mike Jameson's race calls for the #1 ranked racer at Palm Beach GV MooseIsLoose, people simply cannot get enough of this rookie sensation. Palm Beach is giving fans a chance at winning a $100 Visa gift card if they can show they have the best Moose call around, simply by submitting a video of themselves doing their best Moose impression.  I personally would give it to our BARN host Jason Beem for his Moose call on last Tuesday's show with me but I'm bias.

If fans would like to enter the contest, here's all the information you need:


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Ethel Back On Track

Track record holder Ethel Is Here from the Janie Carroll Kennel put her naysayers to sleep this week with a solid box to wire victory in Friday's Matinee.  With only four victories on the season so far, the co-track champion from last season is off to a slower start than expected, but we all know she can fire up at any time and run with the best middle distance racers this track has to offer.  With how well her teammate Fraulein Morgan has been running this season, fans I'm sure would love to see a match up of the kennel mates in the very near future.

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That's all we have for this week.  Good luck to all players, owners and especially the athletes in Monday's Labor Day Puppy Stakes Final.  We'll see you next time for the Wrap-Up!