Pat C Short Cut Is Headed To The Daytona 550 National Championship

Profile Picture: Jason Michael

Jason Michael

December 8th, 2015

I told them back in June it was going to happen.

On my annual visit to South FLA last summer, I was able to spend time with Kennel owners Jerry Koppe, Tom Staats and their entire Team. With the all the superstars on their squad, one greyhound had been making quite an impression on the country since coming on the scene last season…Pat C Short Cut. I predicted to both of them that Short Cut would represent Palm Beach in the Daytona 550 come January. I could tell from what I had seen that this was a world class athlete that could run with any greyhound in the country.

And that’s exactly what happened. United Greyhound Racing (the organization responsible for the National Championship) informed me on Monday that Shorty was in. Announced live on The Backstretch Show (959ThePalm.com) the world found out that the Koppe, Staats & Collins Team would be going to the big dance for the second straight year, after bringing JS SpeedyPebbles last season.

Pat C Short Cut (Pat C Clement- Operation Scorch) was the $50,000 He’s My Man Runner-Up to Storm Control last season and also posted one of the fastest splits in Palm Beach sprint history with a 29.12 secs burner in March. The monster of the mid track brings a lethal close to a place that should favor his wide running style.

Jerry Koppe is confident heading into this race. Quoted on The Backstretch Show, he stated “I think Short Cut is going to benefit quite a bit going to another track. Because of the early speed at Palm Beach, Short Cut has to continually come from the back. I think the dog has a ton of talent and I think you’re going to see it in the Daytona 550. I’m very happy to represent Palm Beach and I think we’re going to bring back a winner."

Tom Staats agrees. “I love his chances on longer straightaways. Speed dogs won’t be blowing the turn at the 550.”

The National Championship Race will be coming up January 23rd, 2016 from the Daytona Beach Kennel Club and of course is sponsored by BetAmerica. Short Cut will also attempt to win the 2016 version of the He’s My Man Classic the weekend before. The Daytona 550 field will be extremely competitive, with defending champion Husker Magic and Southland beast Flying Fired Up already slated to start.

No matter what happens in the next couple months, I have no doubt that Shorty is the best chance Palm Beach has at winning this thing.  Congrats to Short Cut and his entire Team on this outstanding achievement.