Pick-3 Parades At Freehold, Miami; Northfield Power Plays Offer Profit Motives

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February 9th, 2017

We continue this week with more personally chosen harness-race features and our H2W (horses-to-watch) list, targeting our TwinSpires accounts into profit territories. These overnight races will usually involve the common wagers (win, place, show, exacta, trifecta, superfecta) and many of them will embrace multi-race exotics like Daily Doubles and Pick 3s through Pick 6s.

We leave the wagering types to you. However, we report upon the individual races and when those events incorporate our suggested contenders, we shout victory. Our only caveat is for players to evaluate individual races for play even if you include them in any exotics. Remember the motive is always profit and we don’t ever want to have a worthless exotic ticket that includes some of our finer paying choices.

So pay close attention to our suggested contenders in these feature races and those simply listed on the H2W list. Do your own handicapping, and then compare and consider our selections when betting.


Freehold/ Pick 3/ Races 3,4,5
Thursday, Feb. 9

From post 2, Soapy Sap will have a perfect chance for a perfect trip as her foe from last week, Lou Lous Princess, gets weighed with post 8. Morning Line (ML) choice, Double Bundy, broke badly from this same post, though a higher class, last out and the step down is not a good sign. Even with post 8, it is better to add Lou Lous Princess for price with Soapy Sap in leg one, Race 3—2,8.

Leg two is a consolation of a local series and the big choices are on the rail—Tijuana Party—and on the far outside—Between Me And You. In between those bookends are tough cases to make as winners. One possible high price to include is Magnum Mike, leaving from post 6. He failed twice on the H2W list but his most recent race is a toss out and the two before that are comparable to the best in this group. On Jan. 26 and Jan. 19 he finished on the purse grid, fourth, and in the latter of that pair he was the even-money favorite. Here he is the upset contender, earning a place among the top two. Of them, however, we choose only Tijuana Party for Race 4—1,6.

The final leg of this $1 Pick 3 also puts the ML favorite at post 8 and spreads out the predicted second-and-third choices. We have our eye on a bigger prize for the Pick 3 and the best candidate to make one of our ticket’s contenders inflate that price is Blazin Delores. The 11-year-old Revenue S mare is forgiven for her recent two losses at 80-1 each, leaving from post 8 at Freehold. Her races in early January, however, also at Freehold, are competitive and deserve attention. Here, from post 5, Blazin Delores should be the outsider that gets the Pick 3 pool in our favor, killing many tickets. Race 5, then, is a single with Blazin Delores—5.

Our suggestions for this Pick 3 are 2,8/ 1,6/ 5. Adjust your ticket as you see fit.


Meadowlands/ Race 4
Thursday, Feb. 9

Arguably, we see a shot at a big price in this conditioned pace, making it worth a small investment in win and exotics. The top three public choices should follow in suit with the ML choices, all on the inside. Of those three, we lean toward Goinroundncircles. But the true possibility of an upset is in the performance of She’s Heavenly. Her Meadowlands qualifier was impressive after two breaks in a pair of events at a higher level than this, no less on the half mile at Yonkers. Should she be raring to go stepping down here, she could be rigorously in the thick of this mile.


Miami Valley/ Pick 3/ Races 3, 4, 5
Friday, Feb. 10

If you want to blow off many tickets and try to beat the crowd in the first leg, here’s a good case for outsider Royal Cam-Hall. He enters this local series after a fine effort in a $12.5G claimer after winning in the same class at 31-1. Both races prove the gelding is competitive among horses that are going in this series. Also a contender and apt to offer some serious value is Packing Heat. He starts from the second tier and is dangerous in this step up if you toss out last week’s losing effort from the 9 hole (first tier). This pair can start a rumble for the multi-race exotic in Race 3—7, 10.

The next leg, a conditioned trot, features a few jumpers that cloud scenarios. Among them we find a rather consistent trotter, Looking To Score. He leaves from the inside post 10 and is a definite contender with an ML listed as the soft third choice. His recent two places at Miami (though in one he was DQ’d and placed fourth) are superior to foes and his back class should make up for some traffic as he leaves from the rail behind suspicious speed. Race 4 has a single—10.

The last Pick-3 leg is another elimination for the local series that began this exotic. A pair of ML outsiders makes sense in the scheme of this mile. First, Fantastic Rock gets an inside post after suffering from two post-8 starts, a hike in class and new connections. Tossing that pair of races out leaves the gelding in the contenders’ column at a bigger price than is fair. Then, from post 8 is Poison Oak, who raced far better than his odds in his last two races and has the kind of sweeping brush that could enjoy the final turn and stretch. Race five could deliver a huge Pick-3 with these on your ticket—4, 8.

Our suggestions for this Pick 3 are 7. 10/ 10/ 4, 8. Adjust your ticket as you see fit.


Northfield/ Race 4
Saturday, Feb. 11

As a special race-wagering attack, we offer some Power Plays at Northfield Park. The contenders number as many as the exotic. In this first case, Race 4 offers a 20-cent superfecta, so we offer four suggestions from the field. Do with them as you wish. Remember a “super box” costs $4.80. To pump that up, consider playing the box more times.

Looking at these in post order, Wings is a suspicious ML choice. She only won at this level last year, then stepped into the next level (not much higher) and failed up and down from there. She is ML choice based on the drop, not on performances. In a box, we would use her.

Sunrise Sunset should be in the mix. Her recent race was intense, using most of her energy at the top and getting caught after another move. She is a very likely super contestant. So is Nothing Wrong, a twice beaten favorite in this class due to tough but aggressive trips.

Stylish Dapper gets post 9 in the second tier, which is a great spot for her to steal a spot into the super. She has left from tough Northfield posts thrice recently and is a perfect candidate to boost up the super price that needs some lift.

In post order, the superfecta contenders are 1, 4, 5, 9. Adjust your ticket as you see fit.


Northfield/ Race 
Saturday, Feb. 11

Here is a trifeca Power Play. Though we offer you three contenders, we’ll suggest two “power-play moves” to cash a ticket with a prospective large payout on a smaller investment.

It is not a stretch to make the ML choice, Richerthanrayno, a key-win in trifecta tickets. She is looking for her third win and it looks easy enough, especially leaving from tier two (post 9). The first power-play move keys Richerthanrayno with Countless Gold and KJs Foxy Lady.

Countless Gold couldn’t handle post 8 with these foes last time but halfway to the left she could catch a check at a good price, place or show, to boost the trifecta price with the ML favorite atop. KJs Foxy Lady has cashed plenty of checks at this tag last year and is in a great spot to be part of this triad.

The second power-play move is to key Countless Gold to win with the other two part-wheeled to place and show; then key KJs Foxy Lady to win with the other two part-wheeled to place and show. Adjust your ticket as you see fit.

H2W Legend

Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last) time because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered on the also-eligible list. If a horse is listed twice, refer to the entries on the night of the race since a horse may enter in more than one race. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires.


2/9/17, +Power Off R9
2/10/17, Bred To Race R5; Machness R8
2/11/17, Indian Outlaw R1; +Raylan Givens R2; I Do Hanover R12

Cal Expo
2/10/17, Swing N Ace R6; +Barbarian R7; Reachforthestars R13
2/11/17, JK Journey R7; +Cenalta Cougar R12
2/9/17, Jet Blue Miracle R2; Ideal Magic R11

2/12/17, +Givemeaminute R6; Cajun Beat R10

2/9/17, +Deny Deny Deny R7

2/9/17, +Broadies Song R9; +El Bloombito R3
2/11/17, The Bad Deputy R3; +Moveoutofmyway R5

2/11/17, Mars Man R7; Treasure Gifts K R10
2/13/17, Dr Drake Ramoray R3; So Dreaming R10

2/10/17, Mamas Fallen Angel R10

2/9/17, Tobins Fusion R2; Terrorize The Moon R4; +Sams Fortune R5; +Quint Largo R9

2/11/17, +Tashia R1; +Joshuas Mercedes R3

2/11/17, Grinandchaseit R5; Regina Beach R7

Western Fair
2/10/17, Burma Star R4

2/9/17, In Commando R5; Sumatra R9