Pompano Monday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

February 3rd, 2017

Monday, February 6, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE - 5-3, 7-3, 9-3, 5-6, 7-6, 9-6 / PICK-5 - 5,7,9 w 3,6 w 2,7 w 7 w 3)

9-FEDERAL DEPUTY...outside post, yes, but takes double-dip in class. Gave hint in last--:28.4--backside.

7-HOLIDAY SPIRIT...outside post hurt chances in last but showed :28 backside trot. Seems in a bit easier.

5-SAINT PATTY’S DOLL...classy mare shows little on paper these days but must respect early speed ability.

RACE TWO                                              

6-BODY DOUBLE...post 9 killed chances in last but was in very tough spot with track being sloppy. Rocks late.

3-OVERNIGHT SHIPPER...very fast horse must mind his manners. If he does, could be troublesome foe here.

5-STAR TREATMENT...tiring track took toll on him last start. Prior two were very sharp. Look for rebound.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 - 2,7 w 7 w 3 w 5,10 w 2 w 4)

2-TREVOR WIN FOR US...let winner get jump on him in last, otherwise, he would have won. More aggression.

7-DYNAMITE DUDE...sat chilly for a oong way in last then turned on and almost got there. Can really fly late.

6-E R MELVIN...first start back in a long while. Qually was excellent, showing good pace at both ends of mile.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA - 7 w 4 w 5,6,8 w 5,6,8 w ALL)

7-HOOSIER HAWK...tried very hard in last going 1st up on backside and even taking short lead. 2nd over here.

4-OLD OAK...tried backstretch move in last and dented quick panel before faltering a tad late. Fits well here.

5-MOON DANCE...was used very hard ear;y in last from outside post and did hold up relatively well in lane.

6-PC’S ALLEYWAY...won last but looked pretty tired at the end, probably because of :28.3 backside quarter.

8-THE LIFE OF PIE...showed some gate speed 2 starts back and put in an “even-steven” effort in last mile.


3-BEACH BLAST...dips back down to spot where he won three starts back with backstretch blitz to the front.

4-FULL ON ROCKNROLL...likes to be in the thick of things from the get-go but unable to get home. Leaves.

1-Y S JOE...has been giving hints in his last few starts. Just hasn’t been able to find the right combo. Threat.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 - 5,10 w 2 w 4 w 4,5)

5-SOUTHERN WINDS...has excellent gate speed & may use it now that he’s in a notch lower than last week.

10-SECRETSOFTHEKNIGHT...used a bit during quick opener to find place up close. 2nd tier post a blessing.

7-DEE’S ROCKETMAN...in the most enviable position he’s seen in weeks. Can turn on afterburners in the lane.


2-SOUTHWIND STRYKER...made two moves in last--the backside one eye-popping. Stays in same class, too.

1-TICK TOK TAG...showed early foot in last then 2nd backside binge to take charge. Tired a trifle in the lane.

4-PHOENICIAN...had tough journey in last but did show a smidgen of trot late as speed came back to field.


4-OFFICERNAGENTLEMAN...like for 2 reasons: 1) class relief; 2) nice move denting fast panel on “off” track.

7-BUDDHA BLUE CHIP...got in a war early and had to relent in last. Still, held decently giving little in lane.

5-PISTOPACKINPIPER...hasn’t had a good post since last year!! Drew coveted post and might be on engine.

RACE NINE (DOUBLE  - 4-1, 4-5, 5-1, 5-5)

5-DIAMOND DAGGER...back with the girls again. Actually has given credible performances against the boys.

4-MODERN MERCURY...mare was dead-last half way through in last against the boys & won. Big threat here.

2-McKENZIE’S STAR...mare has been all over the map class-wise. Drew well and now in with own kind here.

RACE TEN (SUPER HI-5 - 1,5 w 1,5 w 3,6,8 w 3,6,8 w ALL)

5-DANISHDUJOUR...performed well against “15’s” and now back down to spot where he won two starts ago.

1-NO REAL SURPRISE...raced giant mile in last picking up horses while double-bubbled on backside. Rail!!

8-GOLDSTAR RAIDER...different strategy in last backfired. Chance to pick up live cover here & be high up.

6-SIR GLOBALOP Z TAM...kind of an “even-steven” effort in last against tougher class. Can brush furiously.

3-ROCKY REGAL...showed good speed early in last then went first up on backside & took lead--out-brushed!