Pompano Monday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

January 13th, 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE - 5-2, 5-5, 6-2, 6-5 / PICK-5 - 5,6 w 2,5 w ALL w 5,7 w 1,4)

6-BLUENOSE GAL...gets even more class relief here. Has gate speed to overcome post & control festivities.

5-FEDERAL DEPUTY...didn’t seem to like the g”oo”ing in last but did show some trot middle 3/8s. Off cover!

4-BIG VALLEY SPEED...could be on the engine then yielding for the garden journey. Final quarter will be :30.


2-R G ROCKET...tough campaigner gave a big hint in last showing very sharp trot late in the lane. Drew well.

5-MY REVENUER...in peak form now and after 4th in a row. Could be on the engine from coveted post five.

4-PC’S WILDCARD...left sharply in last and sat chilly the rest of the way and showed very decent trot late.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 - ALL w 5,7 w 1,4 w 7 w 5,6 w 4,5)

6-PAPARAZZI PRINCE...made two moves in last including a second bold first up move on backside. Cover flow.

7-J BLACK...got picture perfect journey from the rail in last. Needs to be on the engine to join the fray early.

3-JOHN’S LAST WIGGLE...in trifle easier this time after facing very tough winner in last. First up winner b/4.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA - 5,7 w 5,7 w 1,6 w 1,6 w ALL)

5-BAD ANGEL...from winning an OPen few starts back to low rung on the ladder. Looks to be ideal situation!

7-KEGLER HANOVER...been facing much better, including a 1:53.4 winner last start. Should find this amiable.

1-NOMAD...a threat for couple of reasons: 1) drew better; 2) gave hint on backside in last trotting :28.4 qtr.

4-FLASHY LADY...tried cutting the mustard in last & got soft panels but couldn’t get home. Facing easier task.

6-CAVIAR CRUISER...was in an impossible situation in last. Prior gave tiny hint with some backside trot. 30/1.


4-PHOENICIAN...came to rock and roll in last setting lifetime mark. Showed gate speed then backside blast.

1-SAINT BETH...steps up after very sharp performance in last from 8 post. Left, found spot, strong 1st up!

2-CULINARY DELIGHT...had some gate speed in last then sat chilly before finding seam to finish very nicely.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 - 7 w 5,6 w 4,5 w 5)

7-COLLEGE MAJOR...not much on paper lately but gave a nice hint in last. Could upset applecart at big odds.

5-CAM’S ORACLE...warrior finds a very amiable spot for now trainer. Oozes with back class if feeling his oats.

3-TWIN B TK...got in a war with the leader in last and even took half length lead around final turn. Leaves!


5-HAVA KADABRA...was in tough spot in last but still trotted final half in :58.4 but traffic too heavy to dent.

6-IRISH SCOTCH...made a rare bobble in last, so forgiving that. Prior pair of races tried very hard & hit board.

3-STAR TREATMENT...20/1 morning line from PP8 in last & went off at 9/2. Gave nice hint in last & drew well.

RACE EIGHT (DOUBLE  - 4-5, 5-5)

5-MAEJUSMAC...mare has been potent in this class last two starts & has drawn coveted post. Stays in “4’s.”

4-I SAW RED...went big mile in last pulling turn 2 and then double-bubbled final 5/16s in very good effort.

3-AHLBBACK YANKEE...enjoyed class relief in last but just did hang on the for win. She’s still a game fighter.

RACE NINE (SUPER HI-5 - 5 w 1,3 w 1,3 w 2,4,7 w 2,4,7)

5-OH MY JOEPA...was singed big time in last by being chewed up and spit out through hellish panels. Wires!

1-JAMAICAN COWBOY...been very sharp and has been reliable for that :28 finale. Looks for 2nd over trip.

3-REGALANTHROPIST...very sharp now and loves getting into the ballgame early. Leaving and yielding here?

4-ARSENAL...left in last and yielded after opening split. Sat pretty chilly the rest of the way thru quick final.

2-PRINCE PINANG...new hands for this. Pulled on backside in last & dented 3rd panel. Smart to stay in “10’s.”


Written by John Berry