Pompano Sunday Pickin' from John Berry

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Jen Perkins

April 29th, 2017

Sunday, April 30:

RACE ONE                        DOUBLE -  2-5, 5-5, 6-5         PICK-5 -   2,5,6 w 5 w 4 w 4 w 8,9

5-STRIKER ACE...was very competitive in higher class last two starts. Could be on the engine from this post.

6-OVERNIGHT SHIPPER...couldn’t handle off track in last. Prior hindered by post & looked strong middle half.

2-FLASHY LADY...recent form sharp. Probably leaving and yielding for the garden journey. Dangerous here.


5-CARTOONIST...went tough first over journey in last and held firm in calvary charge finish. Leaves & yields.

2-ORATOR...post hindered in last but came flying in late stages & ran out of racetrack. Better journey here.

3-COOPERS BEACH...cut some blistering panels in last & managed to hold on--though tiring a bit in the lane.

RACE THREE                                   PICK-6 -      4 w 4 w 8,9 w 7,8,9 w 1,2,4,6 w 8,9

4-HANRAHAN...made an uncharacteristic miscue early in last. Been knocking at the door. On the motorbike.

5-THEKEPTMAN...post did hinder somewaht in last but showed decent trot backside while double-bubbled.

3-FRENCHMEN...went 1st up in last to challenge then got bounced around mid-stretch. Clean mile dangerous.

RACE FOUR                                  PENTAFECTA -   4 w 1,8,9 w 1,3,8,9 w 1,3,8,9 w ALL

4-SKEEBALL...had 2nd tier post in last against tougher group. Dips down to amiable level & drew well here.

1-GO GO PATTY JO...dangerous off of drop-down here & draw. Showed good pace backside denting 3d panel.

8-MY SWEET MANDY...in much better situation here with dip down to lowest rung. Paced 3d panel in :27.4.

9-FIFTY SPENDER...not much on paper these days but can catch live cover flow & trun on afterburners late.

3-DAWN’S DESIRE...recent form very sharp. Dug in late in last to prevail. Look for a quarter move to the top.


8-GROOVEY KID...can be hard to handle at times but,when in mood, can really fly when given room to roam.

9-BAD ANGEL...tough mare can grind a long way. Must be on the engine early to look for spot mid-pack early.

6-I’LL TELL YOU WHAT...makes 300th career start here with 61 wins. Recent form is very sharp & dangerous.

RACE SIX                                                  PICK-4 -     7,8,9 w 1,2,4,6 w 8,9 w 4

9-HEART FELT...was one stride away from whipping Panocchio in last. Been competitive against tough foes.

8-ROCK ON MOE...giving strong hints lately with very sharp final panels. Will he use his gate speed in here?

7-ARSENAL...will be on the engine when Hummer leaves. VERY impressive performance in last on “off” track.


4-A FOOL FOR MARK...made ear;y move in last & was hung out to dry like wet laundry. Will be winging here.

6-SOAKING UP THE SUN...temperamental sort on occasion but does possess the goods to conquer these.

1-DUNGEON DRAGON...post hindered in last. Drew much better here. Will be looking for 2nd over journey.


9-THEBESTOFJOEL...classy veteran does his best on engine & must use that strategy here to conquer these.

8-WHATA BIZNESS...winless this year but giving hints. Reliable for very sharp final panels of :28 & change.

5-HEZ A BUCKEYE...decent performance in last. Even dented :26.2 backside quarter a smidgen. Dangerous!


4-SOUTHERN WINDS...dropped a win off last 5 and able to double-dip here to very amiable spot. Like here.

3-ALWAYS A TIGER...spent every step of last mile on the outside looking in. Does very well drawing inside.

7-LILYS REAL BOY...paced last 3/4s in 1:24.4 in very sharp effort. Can grind a long way uncovered. On ticket.

RACE  TEN                                                             DOUBLE -   5-9, 6-9, 7-9

6-TERANADAWN..wasn’t able to use customary gate speed in last (8 post) but still showed solid pace late.

7-SILVER SPIR...pulled under the wire first time and started grinding but :27.3 3rd panel cooked his goose.

5-PRINCE JUBILEE...all recent lines last 2 months have been decent. Doesn’t win often but hits the ticket.

RACE ELEVEN                          SUPER HI-5 -  9 w 1,3,4,6 w 1,3,4,6 w 1,3,4,5,6 w 1,3,4,5,6

9-FAST BILL...outside post, yes, but showed good pace while double-bubbled in last & dips down to low rung.

6-HILLBILLY KID...loves to be in the thick of things from the get-go. Just needs softer panels to be high up.

3-STURGEON SEELSTER...usually lolly-gags back then tries late punch. Would LOVE to see a bubble just once.

1-BURNT ON TOP...post hurt in last but showed decent backside pace...Just too much traffic to do damage.

4-DR FLAMINGO...paced backside quarter in :27.4 giving alight hint. Warrior has 333 starts under his girth.


Written by John Berry