Pompano Saturday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

February 22nd, 2017

Saturday, February 25, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE – 2-2, 3-2, 5-2 / PICK-5 – 2,3,5 w 2 w 1,3,4 w 1,8 w 5)          

2-PRINCESS DELCINE…showed good speed at both ends of the mile & was gaining stoutly late. Giving hints.

3-DANDY’S DUDUDIDUDU…”stranger in the night” left alertly then got shuffled a bit. Had some late pace, tho.

5-TERROR AIN’T EASY…raced big in freezing cold in last, leaving, yielding, out again backside with late pace.

RACE TWO                                              

2-MATCH POINT…mare has shown nice improvement last couple of starts. Compares well here and drew well.

4-ETHANOL…left with alacrity in last, got picture perfect journey, pulled turning for home, nailed final stride.

5-AQUILLO…not much on paper but did give slight hint in last showing decent trot on backside. On the engine?

RACE THREE (PICK-6 - 1,3,4 w 1,8 w 5 w 6,7 w 3,5 w 3,5,7)

1-McPHIL…post destroyed chances in last bulky field. Move to rail keeps him 10 lengths closer. On choo-choo.

3-KDMAKEWAY…was hung out to dry like wet laundry in last pacing a mile and 25 yards! Cover flow danger!

4-AMERICAN HUSTLE…youngster looks like he’s got something. VERY impressive in debut here. Winging here!

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA - (Box) 1,5,7,8,10)

8-CELTIC MERCHANT…warrior gnawing away at 50 lifetime wins. Key is at start. Must be on the bullet train.

1-NEW SCENT…has some gate speed and should be cozily close throughout mile. Can be a big threat in here.

10-BLUERIDGE EMPIRE…second tier post could be asset if he follows “scent” leaving. Can turn it on in lane.

7-ON THE TAB…post didn’t help in last but didn’t win $778,000 sitting around and dreaming. Cover flow here.

5-CHIP CHIP PAGE…lolly-gagged way back early in last but did show very stout trot at the end of the journey.

RACE FIVE (PICK-4 - 5 w 6,7 w 3,5 w 3,5,7)     

5-TWO DAYS FINALE…started chewing away at the leader and was tenacious until she got it done. Right back.

4-DUCCI…been cutting the mustard in recent but unable to hang on late. Maybe leaving and yielding in here?

3-WILLIAMS WISH…seems very consistent and qualifier was decent & under no duress. Can make the ticket.


6-FONZIE…starting to give strong hints with very stout closing kicks. Can catch live cover and turn it on late!

7-LADY MACHBETH…no choice but to try and follow top pick and get drafted along. Can “make” the ticket.

5-ZERO STRESS HILARY…invader from up north. Led for good part of the mile in last but out-brushed late.

RACE SEVEN (DOUBLE – 3-2, 3-3, 3-7, 5-2, 5-3, 5-7)

3-EXPLOSIVE DRAMA…showed a bit of gate speed in last then sat chilly after finding good spot. Was closing!

5-THROUGH THE NIGHT…pulled under the line first time and kept going until losing ground around final bend.

2-MAJESTIC WON…raced two nice miles coming back—3rd and 2nd—but forced to step up a notch. On engine.

RACE EIGHT (SUPER HI-5 - (Box) 2,3,4,5,7)    

3-SKYWAY PIPPEN…made a miscue leaving in last. Prior showed solid trot on backside. Looks to be in easier.

5-WITHOUT ME AS…well, well…raced relaxed, for a change, in the garden spot and sprinted by late. Danger.

7-POP MY BUTTONS…was closing tenaciously in last & just did miss. Seems always reliable for good showing.

4-CREAMPUFF MACDADDY…can cut some serious panels. Will be on the choo-choo train leaving. Can he last?

2-B COR THOMAS…left, yielded, sat chilly until top of the lane and just did get by country-mate in last jump.

  1. ARSENAULT (127); T. BASISTA (7); L. BEESON (2); T. BOWMAN (73); M. BROOKS, JR. (493); L. CABLE (427);
  2. CAMPAGNUOLO (51); F. COHEN (185); R. CUSIMANO (235); T. DINGES (20); TOM EICHAS (10); P. GERRY (81);
  3. GLASSER (32); R. GOLDSTEIN (7); R. KRIVELIN (203); J. MACOMBER (18); J. MARRA (58);
  4. MUGGLESTON (92); S. OLDFORD (120); J. PENNACCHIO (157); L. POULIN (63); A. SAUL (527)
  5. SCHAEFER (74); D. SPRIGGS (426); A. VERRUSO (65); M. WALKER (115); D. WHITTEMORE (116)

Written by John Berry