Pompano Saturday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

February 2nd, 2017

Saturday, February 4, 2017


RACE ONE (DOUBLE – 1-6, 3-6, 9-6 / PICK-5 – 1,3,9 w 6 w 1,3 w 5 w 2,7)

3-McPHIL…had some gate speed leaving to settle up close, then seemed to be bothered a bit final turn. Edge.

9-REVENANT…was full of pace when they turned for home in last. Post may be a hindrance & must leave!

1-FLIGHT ON BOARD…has nice brushing ability & has drawn well. Dips a bit, too, and should be a factor here.


6-KABAM…likes to be in the fray from the get-go. Briefly lost composure on backside but had solid trot late.

1-THUNDERCREST…qualified well showing good trot final 7/16s of the mile. Looking for second over journey.

4-SAVIN ROCK…usually puts in decent performance and last was no exception. Compares well against these.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 – 1,3 w 5 w 2,7 w 2,7 w 4,5,9 w 6)

3-SOAKING UP THE SUN…spotted the field 20 lengths at the start and was flying at the end to narrowly miss.

1-ALASKAN SEELSTER…post hurt chances in last. Seems to do very well in this class. A “Major” factor here.

4-SILVER SPUR...has extreme gate speed and will be trying to cut the mustard here. Rating is the key for him.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA – 5 w 6,8 w 6,8 w 4,9 w ALL)

5-TYMAL RECAP…let the winner get too much of a jump on him last race. Still, showed good trot final 5/16s.

8-ILLUSIONSNDREAMS…warrior will be on engine when gate leaves. Could be dangerous off rated panels.

6-ACT OF VALOR…was way back half way through but showed very decent trot final 7/16 gnawing away.

9-BLUERIDGE EMPIRE…got picture perfect drive in last at long odds. Outside post hampers but form is sharp.

1-NEW SCENT…was in tough spot in last against warrior. Mare drew well here & should be close throughout.

RACE FIVE (PICK-4 - 2,7 w 2,3,7 w 4,5,9 w 6)

7-GOLD STAR PETER…pulled turn 2 in last and showed strong sustained pace right to the wire. Earns edge.

2-DANZA…not much on paper these days but showed :28.2 pace backside. Winner’s final too tough to dent.

3-KDMAKEWAY…hasn’t dented board yet but been in tough situations. Actually compares decently in here.

RACE SIX                                             

2-BISTRO…showed some trot on backside on heavy track in last (:28.4). Doesn’t win often but been in tough.

7-BARBIES KORVETT…can turn on afterburners when it counts. Probably out & following live cover  last lap.

3-THE BUDSTER…classy warrior has more wins & money than all. Puts in a good performance every time.

RACE SEVEN (DOUBLE - 4-6, 5-6, 9-6)

9-MR WIZARD…bobbled leaving in last but regained composure & looked strong while double-bubbled. 20/1.

4-KEGLER HANOVER…not much on paper lately but, still, compares well with the rest of the competitors here.

5-CAVIAR CRUISER…kind of an “even-steven” mile in last in a fast mile for the class. Can rattle cages late.

RACE EIGHT (SUPER HI-5 – 6 w 2,5 w 2,5 w 3,4,7,8 w 3,4,7,8)

6-SHOOTIN TYME…started gnawing away 3/8s out & used huge closing kick to win. Stays put in same class.

5-CABO REAL…took short lead once they straightened away but was out-brushed in final stages in good mile.

2-OFFICER JONES…post destroyed chances in last. Sat chilly until mid-stretch and did show good pace late.

3-BEIGNET…does step up a notch after pair of strong wins. On the engine and yielding—briefly—then retake.

4-WESTERN LEGEND…went first over in last and held decently, although out-kicked in the final stages of mile.


  1. ARSENAULT (127); L.BEESON (2); T. BOWMAN (73; M. BROOKS, JR. (493); L. CABLE (426);
  2. CAMPAGNUOLO (51); F. COHEN (185); R. CUSIMANO (235); T. DINGES (20); T.EICHAS (10); P. GERRY (81)
  3. GLASSER (32) R. GOLDSTEIN (7); R. KRIVELIN (203); J. MACOMBER (18); J. MARRA (58); B. MUGGLESTON (92);
  4. OLDFORD (119); J. PENNACCHIO (157); L. POULIN (63); A. SAUL (527) J. SCHAEFER (74); D. SPRIGGS (426);
  5. WALKER (117); D. WHITTEMORE (116); S. WHITTEMORE (152); D. YAROCK (56)

Written by John Berry.