Pompano Sunday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

May 5th, 2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017

RACE ONE                       DOUBLE -   3-5, 5-5, 6-5         PICK-5 -  3,5,6 w 5 w 4,7,8 w 4 w 2,3     

3-PAPARAZZI PRINCE...post hurt in last. Prior showed strong pace final 3/4s--1:24.4. Much better spot here.

6-OFFICIAL STRIPES...not much on paper but was chewed up and spit out through very fast panels in last.

5-MAYBE NED...got away with soft half in last & sprinted home impressively in lifetime best performance.

RACE TWO                                              

5-ROCK N ROW...been facing much tougher and even beat “20’s” few weeks back. Very appetizing situation.

6-OFFICERNAGENTLEMAN...warrior probably on the engine when gate springs. Capable of wiring act here.

1-CARTOONIST...recent form very sharp. Showed speed early in last, yielded, just missed getting to winner.

RACE THREE                                   PICK-6 -   4,7,8 w 4 w 2,3 w 5,7 w 1,3,4 w ALL

4-THEKEPTMAN...veteran looked sharper in last & drew inside of main opponents. Quick panels would help.

8-HANRAHAN...probably on the engine looking for close up spot back of “winger” here. Excellent recent form.

7-A CROWN FOR LINDY...on a roll with two straight wins. On the choo-choo train here trying wiring act here.

RACE FOUR                                         PENTAFECTA -  4 w 1,2,3,5 ALL THE WAY 

4-SKEEBALL...stayed off hot pace early then used backside blitz to take command and never looked back.

1-MY SWEET MANDY...was forced into very quick half in taking command and out-brushed on backside.

3-GOLD STAR SONATA...sprinted out from coveted post in last then yielded. Was out again into final bend.

2-GO GO PATTY JO...was relaxed early off the hot pace, tilted out backside following cover, closed nicely.

5-DAWN’S DESIRE...got messed up in a logjam early in last. Prior two were very sharp, esp. one beating boys.

RACE FIVE                                               

3-SILVER SPIR...winless this year.  But nice hint in last with big double-bubble move when had room to roam.

2-CABO REAL...dawdled way back early from 8 post but showed solid pace, especially with m”oo”ve backside.

6-PRINCE JUBILEE...showed speed leaving in last, sat chilly for much of the rest of the journey, closed a bit.

RACE SIX                                                    PICK-4 -  5,7 w 1,3,4 w ALL w 4                                        

7-ALL STAR FAME...handled sloppy conditions beautifully in last getting excellent rating. Should be tighter.

5-DELI-CRAZE...post hindered in last but showed nice trot on backside in terrible conditions. Big threat here.

4-NOWER POWER...didn’t seem to like the slop in last. Prior showed some spunk final quarter. Can rock late.


4-HILLBILLY KID...battled early for supremacy and, once on top, never had a threatening moment to wire.

3-A FOOL FOR MARK...warrior back down a notch to spot where he was dominant on the front end of things.

1-FAST BILL...outside post made him work very hard early & then held pretty well late. MUCH better draw.


6-HEART FELT...was very game in winning from outside post in last. Outside here, too, but two slots in. Edge.

5-ARSENAL...probably on engine from coveted post. Been hot property lately & proved he can go with these.

4-FRITZIE PIC UP MAN...made uncharacteristic bobble in last leaving then got composed & very sharp after.


4-GOLD STAR PETER...put in sharp performance in last w/backside move grinding forward. Almost got there.

3-SPORTS FIRST LADY...nothing on paper but saw a hint in last on backstretch denting :28 panel. On ticket.

7-FONZIE...needed last to tighten up after month off. Can follow live cover & do some damage late in lane.

RACE  TEN                                                                 DOUBLE -   1-4

1-BEIGNET...takes double-dip in class here & drew the rail. Last time in this class, Cruised to an easy win.

4-SOAKING UP THE SUN...no doubt he has the speed but can be somewhat rowdy at times. Who shows up?

3-BEST DREAM SEEKER...warrior makes 301 career start and in new hands for this. Gives all every start.

RACE ELEVEN                            SUPER HI-5 -   4 w 1,3,7,10 w 1,3,7,10 w 1,3,7,10 w ALL  

4-ABREATHOFRESHART...made last start in top pace. Last time in this class--:56.3 out, :56.3 home to win.

1-STILETTO JAKE...post hindered in last. Drew much better here and can rattle cages in the lane at a price.

3-NEEDLES AND PINS...outside of last mile (9 post), all recent miles have been competitive. Flying late here.

10-SURGE SEELSTER...forgiving last. Prior was very sharp on “off” track showing very stout pace in the lane.

7-MUSIC IS ART...lightly raced youngster steps up after 2 very impressive performances. How good is he??


Written by John Berry.