Pompano Sunday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

February 16th, 2017

Sunday, February 19, 2017


RACE ONE (DOUBLE – 7-2, 7-3, 7-6 / PICK-5 - 7 w 2,3,6 w 1,6,7 w 4 w 2,5,6,7)

7-CHEEKY LITTLE MINX…has big brushing power. Left a bit last start and still was stoutly closing late. Edge.

8-TICK TOK TAG…will be on his motorcycle when Hummer leaves the station. Will be trying wiring act here.

2-PHOENICIAN…tried backside move in last & dented :27.4 panel a bit. Compares well & drew nice post.

RACE TWO                                              

6-Y S JOE…seems to be in a very amiable situation here. How about a live cover flow situation for a change!

3-HILLCREST BIGDADDY…pulled into second turn and was grinding forward until mid-stretch. Tries hard.

2-VAN GUNDY HANOVER…showed some decent pac on backside in last and probably tightened up for this.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 - 1,6,7 w 4 w 2,5,6,7 w 3,7 w 1,2 w 1)

6-ROCKY’S Z TAM…recent form seems sharp. Gave excellent showing against McWicked w/speed both ends.

1-DRACHAN HANOVER…looked very good last start against some monsters. Should be cozily close in here.

7-PANOCCHIO…always gives top performance and will be on the choo-choo train when gate leaves station.


4-MITT JAGGER…loved that double-bubble backside move in last & just did miss. Just hope he’s tight enuff.

2-KINGSLEY B…recent form has been sharp. Tried cutting the mustard in last but fractions too stiff to hold.

7-WALTZACROSSTHEWIRE…can really rattle some cages in the lane, especially off of hot panels. Cover flow.

1-HEZ A BUCKEYE…does meet tougher company here but can stay cozily close throughout & make the ticket.

5-FULL ON ROCKNROLL…will be on the engine from coveted post when Hummer leaves. Can he hang on?


6-GRANDE SEELSTER…made two moves in last in a very tough mile. Gets some class relief & in better spot.

2-LUMIERE…pulled turn 2 in last and marched forward through a final half in :55.2 or so. In very sharp form.

5-THEBESTOFJOEL…warrior does his best on the engine and has the post that suits his style best. Threatens!

RACE SIX (PICK-4 - 3,7 w 1,2 w 1 w 1,2,8)

7-MACHMEMACHIE…went some blazing fractions in last that caught up with him late. Clever rating wins!

3-NO REAL SURPRISE…warrior can still turn on afterburners when in the mood. Cover flow trip dangerous.

1-BEACH BLAST…back down to spot where he blitzed his foes few starts ago with huge backside brush. Rail.


1-UNCMPRMISING Z TAM…performed decently against bearcats in last. Now, gets class relief & good post.

2-FRITZIE PIC UP MAN…loves to be in the thick of things from the get-go. Will be trying the wiring act here.

6-BLUEHOURPOWER…returned last week in softer company and paced “even-steven” mile. Tightening up.


1-MAXDADDY BLUE CHIP…outstanding form now. Does move up a bit but drew well. Just needs room late.

3-OFFICERNAGENTLEMAN…warrior steps up two notches here after sharp win gate to wire in last. Tough!

8-RAJI’S BLUE LINE…tried different tactics in last and got caught late. Off the pace with cover flow here.


8-INDY INGOT…can grind a long way. Liked :26.4 backside pace in last while gaining ground & held nicely.

2-HAVE A PARODI…went huge mile  in last—lifetime mark. Versatile sort could be on the engine & yielding.

1-WHOGOESFIRST…tried different racing style in last and it worked! Out in :56 & home in :55.1. Dangerous.


1-B EVAS LUCKY LAD…very hot property lately. Stepped up to “15’s” and blew by foes in the lane. Like again.

7-DYNAMITE DUDE…doesn’t seem to have much gate speed but can rattle cages in the lane. Cover flow trip.

5-STIRLING CADILLAC…steps up a notch after getting picture perfect handling in last. Probably off the pace.

RACE ELEVEN (SUPER HI-5 - 2,4 w 2,4 w 3,5,7 w 3,5,7 w ALL)    

4-MUSASHI…showed extreme gate speed in last, yielded then was looming boldly before jumping it off.

2-SOUTHERN WINDS…pulled turn 2 in last and slightly dented quick third panel. Cover flow trip dangerous.

7-SUNSET DREAMER…been in over head last couple. Returns to spot where he has done some damage.

5-CHARMBRO CURIOSITY…gets in on AE tag. Has ability to really pour it on during the final stages. Threat.

3-GOLDSTAR RAIDER…not much on paper recently but dips down to a very amiable situation. Will improve.


Written by John Berry