Pompano Sunday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

March 2nd, 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017


RACE ONE (DOUBLE –  6-1, 6-2 / PICK-5 -  6 w 1,2 w 3,6,7 w 5,8 w 2,5)

6-SANTANA BEACH…made quarter move to the top in last & cut sizzling panels & couldn’t last. Dips down!

2-CARMENS BEST…pulled turn two but 3rd quarter too stiff to dent. Does well drawing inside posts. Threat.

1-SAWBUCK…post destroyed chances in last. Prior, showed very strong pace while double-bubbled 3/8s out.

RACE TWO                                              

2-CHOCOLATE XPLOSION…can turn on the afterburners in the lane. Just needs more aggressive handling!

1-EXPLOSIVE DRAMA…made confident early move in last but it backfired & hung out to dry. Rail keeps close.

6-KEGLER HANOVER…showed some good speed leaving in last & 2nd  move backside. Cover flow dangerous.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 - 3,6,7 w 5,8 w 2,5 w 1,2,3 w 7 w 4,6)

7-SECRETSOFTHEKNIGHT…been facing tougher crowds for long time. Dips to much more amiable level here.

3-ROCKIN’ COUGAR…post hindered last but showed good speed backside--:27.4. Better draw, better result.

6-SIR GLOBALOP Z TAM…tried the deep end of the pool in last after claim & found it too deep. Better spot.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA – 5,8 w 5,8 w 3,4,6 w 3,4,6 w ALL)

5-MITT JAGGER…form is very sharp now and in a class where he does well. Showed good pace final 7/16s.

8-CHARMBO CURIOSITY…not crazy about this post but showed he can rattle come cages of live cover.

6-RECORD STORE…showed some decent pace final half mile. Just needs to be not-so-lazy early on in mile.

4-FULL ON ROCKNROLL…will be on his motorcycle when gate leaves. Will be in the thick of it for good part.

3-CARLOS MITTANNA…consistent as they come. Got a little lucky in last when leader jumped it off in lane.


5-E R MELVIN…gets nice class relief (makes class by $21). Can throttle when it counts. Hot property lately.

2-GRANDE SEELSTER…won handily on drop-down last start. Moves up a notch & could be on the engine here.

4-THUMPEM…New Zealand bred loves to be in the thick of things from the get-go. Another on the choo-choo.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 - 1,2,3 w 7 w 4,6 w 3,6)

1-KING OF THE CROP…paced final ½ in :54.2 showing sustained pace, especially late. Can upset from post.

2-POINTSMAN…been very solid since return and very reliable for that stout final panel. Likes 2nd over trip.

3-POP COP…steps up after courageous win in last from post 9. Might be reserved early, then a quarter move.


7-INDY INGOT…showed sharp foot early from similar post, then 2nd move backside & held well. Giving edge.

3-ABREATHOFRESHART…missed a week but dips down to a much more amiable situation. Must consider.

1-HEART FELT…gets a bit of class relief and drew well. Good first up backside move in last and held well.


6-DEL RIO SEELSTER…on a serious roll now and after fifth in a row. Stays put in same class. Will be gunning!

4-STIRLING CADILLAC…beat “12,5’s” handily, stepped up and went first up against “15’s” & held well late.

5-DYNAMITE DUDE…solid claimer can turn on the afterburners when feeling right. Catches live cover here.


6-OFFICERNAGENTLEMAN…warrior gives his all every step of every mile. Probably on the engine to join fray.

3-CELEBRITY SCANDAL…got shuffled a bit in last but did show some solid pace finding seam in the stretch.

5-KINGSLEY B…versatile sort stayed off hot pace in last & roared by late. Could be on choo-choo from PP5.

RACE TEN (LATE DOUBLE - 2-3, 3-6, 4-3, 4-6)

2-RAJI’S BLUE LINE…came back after scratch (sick) and showed great pace final quarter. Now dips a notch!

4-BEACH BLAST…Reliable to turn on afterburners in the lane. Been improving every start since in new hands.

1-FREE LOVE…sat chilly much of the mile then exploded with late pace to just miss. Should be cozily close.

RACE ELEVEN (SUPER HI-5 - 3,6 w 3,6 w 1,2,4 w 1,2,4 w ALL)     

3-BUNKERHILL BILL…not much on paper but back down to spot where showed strong pace double-bubbled.

6-SUNSET DREAMER…dips for 2nd time in a row after showing some backside pace in last—27.3. Threatens.

1-PRINCE PINANG…post curtailed chances in last. Prior showed solid pace final 3/8s and good close. Dips.

4-CAN HE GO…sat in garden spot in last but track seemed to be off a bit and tiring. Look for improvement.

2-SOUTHWIND WHISKI…actually not a bad effort in last but just too much traffic to overcome. Likes air!