Pompano Sunday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

March 9th, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE – 1-6, 3-6 / PICK-5 -   1,3 w 6 w 2,4,7,9 w 1,3 w 2,6)

1-PART TIME…dips down to very amiable situation & drew well. Should be cozily close to strike in the lane.

3-NORTHERN COMPANION…should be tighter after first start back and also gets more class relief. Flies late.

5-SIR GLOBALOP Z TAM…probably on the engine when Hummer leaves. Key to success to sensible rating.

RACE TWO                                              

6-FIRST OF ITSKIND…took a week off after blasting to the lead in last in winning effort. Stable red hot now!

5-SING FOR ME GEORGE…probably on the engine from coveted post. Classy and improving every start now.

1-BLUEHOURPOWER…took a couple of weeks off to freshen up. Could be sitting cozily close throughout mile.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 - 2,4,7,9 w 1,3 w 2,6 w 6,9 w 1,5 w 3,6)

9-HUGH HEFNER…import from up north put in solid performance in debut here. Gets in on NW Last 4 tag.

2-E R MELVIN…showed speed at both ends of the mile in last and just did miss all the marbles. Dangerous.

4-PISTOPACKINPIPER…seems to try hard and now gets in a bit easier. Could use live second over cover.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA – 1 w 3 w 5,7,10 w 5,7,10 w ALL)

1-ST LADS LOTTO…went up in the air early in last & spotted field 15 lengths. Can rattle cages when on game.

3-OFFICERNAGENTLEMAN…warrior been very sharp in last several starts. Becoming very versatile recently.

5-OWOSSO FLASH…can brush for a half mile as well as anyone in the game. Leaves & yields for garden trip.

7-TONY CHEESECAKE…recent form very good. Was in a bang-bang finish in last and lost in the photo. On tkt.

10-KINGSLEY B…has second tier post and must be able to wend way in decent spot leaving. Decent form.


6-UNITALIANO BI…track record holder (3g) gets major class relief here after denting quick 3rd panel in last.

2-BISTRO…gets out of the tough W3-5 class. Usually shows early foot so should be comfortably close here.

5-HOLIDAY SPIRIT…kind of a versatile sort that may use coveted post to be on choo-choo train leaving.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 -  6,9 w 1,5 w 3,6 w 3,4,5)

6-STIRLING CADILLAC…back down to same class where he won the last two times. Turns on afterburners.

9-ARSENAL…recent form sharp. Has blazing gate speed to overcome post & expect him to be on the engine.

2-RAJI’S BLUE LINE…made first up bid on backside in last, took short lead in the lane & nailed final 16th.


1-WINYARD HANOVER…was competitive against NW3,901s & now dips down two classes & has rail. Like!

5-SOME KINDA BEACH…looking to regain some of his past sharp form. Major class relief could be the key.

8-SUNSET DREAMER…not much on paper these days and drew outside but does have stout closing kick.


3-KING OF THE CROP…raced giant mile in top pace and even dented :26.4 final panel a bit. Dips down notch.

6-POINTSMAN…sat chilly a bit too long in last in top pace but did show very sharp pace in the lane. Contends.

7-PANCHESTER UNITED…first start back was very acceptable showing strong backside pace right to the line.


3-WESTERN LEGEND…always tries hard and must time strong brush right to threaten. Can sprint for a ¼.

4-PRINCE JUBILEE…tried hard in last denting quick third panel & not dips a bit to more amiable situation.

5-BEIGNET…steps up after zooming out of gate in last from outside post and cruising thereafter. On engine.

RACE TEN (LATE DOUBLE-  1-1, 3-1, 4-1)

4-EY COWBOY…pulled backside in last then went on double-bubble binge to dent panel & show solid pace.

1-MITT JAGGER…been consistently good last few starts. Should be cozily close throughout to strike late.

3-RECORD STORE…went brave mile in last going 1st up backside with rousing handling. Stays put in class.

RACE ELEVEN (SUPER HI-5 - 1 w 7 w 3,4,6 w 3,4,6 w ALL) 

1-ORATOR…brilliant mile in last taking command at opening station & cruising from there. Loved :28.1 final.

7-ROCKY REGAL...does have some gate speed & would like to see him on the engine to see what he’s got.

4-TWIN B TK…tried an early move in last and that backfired. Dangerous if catches a live second over trip.

3-G’S HIGH SHOOTER…been competitive in this class. Lot depends on pace of the race as he can sprint home.

6-PLAYBOOK…did much better off pace in last & even dented quick final panel coming home. Leaves, yields.