Pompano Sunday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

March 16th, 2017

Sunday, March 19, 2017


RACE ONE (DOUBLE –  3-2, 3-4, 3-5        PICK-5 -  3 w 2,4,5 w 7 w 3,7 w 2,6)

3-ARSENAL…warrior just missed from outside post cutting all panels. Drew much better & gets perfect trip.

4-SCREENPLAY…been hot property lately. Makes 200th career start. Probably on the choo-choo train in here.

2-GOLDSTAR RAIDER…raced big in last showing gate speed and, on short rest, out and driving first over.

RACE TWO                                              

5-FIRST OF ITSKIND…on a roll lately. Kept grinding away in last until he got thee job done. Superior form.

2-ROCKNTOUCH…can really turn on the afterburners in the lane. Can benefit if fractions are on the hot side.

4-SING FOR ME GEORGE…will be on his motorcycle when gate leaves. Dangerous if let loose on the front end.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 -     7 w 3,7 w 2,6 w 5,7 w 5,7 W 3,6)

7-F TWENTY TWO…like for couple reasons: 1) class relief; 2) made HUGE double-bubble backside move in last.

5-HURRICANE HOWARD…warrior likes being in thick of things from get-go. Leaves & yields for garden trip.

2-PLAYBOOK…seems to be in a significantly easier situation here. Should be cozily close throughout journey.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA –  7 w 3 w 1,5,8 w 1,5,8 w ALL)

7-ABREATHOFRESHART…takes another class dip—4th straight! Tried backside move & dented quick 3d panel.

3-CELEBRITY SCANDAL…made couple of moves in last & even went on double-bubble binge far turn. Upsetter?

1-THUMPEM…post hurt chances in last but showed some pace backside denting fast quarter big-time. Rail.

5-WINYARD HANOVER…trounced easier company in lifetime best performance on the front end. Sharp now.

8-HUGH HEFNER…was used very hard early in last to take command at opening quarter. Should be tighter.


2-CARLOS MITTANNA…got caught up in 1st quarter tussle in last--:25.4—and, tho tiring a bit late, showed grit.

6-ARTISTIC CRUISER…stayed off hot pace in last, pulled backside and showed good pace right to the finish.

3-SURGE SEELSTER…steps up a bit after lifetime best performance in last. Can brush very hard for a quarter.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 -  5,7 w 5,7 w 3,6 w 1,2)

5-BIG SCOOT…lightly raced four year-old performed OK in 2017 debut, chasing a “monster” final the 7/16s.

7-BIG BAD ET…took a misstep leaving in last but, once composed, showed some very strong backside pace.

6-LINCOLNS LEGEND…took full advantage of two main contenders miscues while opening long lead early.


5-PANCHESTER UNITED…actually went a nice mile in last (tho 6th) showing sharp backside pace. Rocks late.

7-MAXDADDY BLUE CHIP…can close like gangbusters. Will be following live cover entire last lap. Dangerous.

6-GRANDE SEELSTER…had a VERY tough trip in last which took toll very late in the mile. Needs bit softer rating.


3-G’S HIGH SHOOTER…gave a nice hint in last after spotting the leader 5 at the ½ & then gnawing away. Just missed

6-ROCKY REGAL…just about all of his lifetime wins have been on the engine. VERY dangerous IF he leaves!!!

5-TWIN B TK…pulled on backside and showed stout pace denting quick panel—his :27.4. Good form now.


2-HEART FELT…went big, big mile in last showing two moves in very fast mile & held firm late. Class relief!!

1-INDY INGOT…hasn’t raced in a month but has the credentials. Last time when a month off, raced well.

7-ANARCHY HANOVER…on a roll lately. Climbing up the ladder with confidence these days. Can it on late!

RACE TEN (LATE DOUBLE -    5-1, 5-3, 5-5, 5-8)

5-DEL RIO SEELSTER…post killed chances in last. Form still sharp and has perfect post to be on the engine.

6-TONY CHEESECAKE…paced final 3/4s in 1:23.4 showing very strong pace final 3/8s of the mile. Versatile!

4-DRAGON FEVER…returned “home” in last & returned to winning ways showing sharp speed leaving. On tkt.

RACE ELEVEN (SUPER HI-5 -  (Box) 1,3,5,7,8)     

3-METTA WORLD PEACE…was in an impossible situation in last & was not urged on after all hope lost. Zips!

5-BROWN TITAN…got picture perfect journey in last & pulled at perfect time to get the easy win. Leaves!

1-SILVER SPUR…good effort in last getting away very well and then pulling backside with solid pace after.

8-BEIGNET…warrior makes 200th lifetime start. Does step up a notch after pair of wins on the lower rungs.

7-DUNGEON DRAGON…was in a tough spot post-wise. Did show some backside pace but too much traffic.