Pompano Sunday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

March 23rd, 2017

Sunday, March 25, 2016

RACE ONE (DOUBLE – 2-3, 2-5, 3-3, 3-5 / PICK-5 -   2,3 w 3,5 w 3,4 w 1,10 w 2,4,7)

3-HUGH HEFNER…post hampered last couple. Did pace final 3/4s in 1:23 in last. Dips! Can upset applecart.

2-PART TIME…second tier post didn’t suit style in last but paced middle half in :55. In a trifle easier & can be prominent.

5-ALONEINSPADES…has perfect post to return to his liking of sprinting from the wings. Leaves & yields for garden trip.

RACE TWO                                              

3-KING OF THE CROP…pulled 3/8s in and :27.2 third panel kept him from advancing. Cover flow dangerous.

5-DRACHAN HANOVER…will be on the choo-choo train when Hummer leaves the station trying wiring act.

1-ROCKNTOUCH…can turn on the afterburners in the lane & has the rail to stay cozily close. Can threaten.

RACE THREE (PICK-6  -      3,4 w 1,10 w 2,4,7 w 6 w 2,3,7 w 2,4,8)     

4-GOLD STAR PETER…last was disappointing off prior start. When in the mood, has tremendous brush. Edge.

3-PAPARAZZI PRINCE…showed nice backside pace in last--:28.3--& was still rolling late—just a bit too late.

6-SILVERADO…showed two moves in last—one off the gate & another into final turn in a very decent mile.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA -   1,10 w 1,10 w 5,6,8,9 w 5,6,8,9 w ALL)

1-IM AN ART MAJOR…sat chilly most of last mile then split horses final sixteenth to earn close win. Repeats.

10-AMERICAN HUSTLE…has second tier post but will be on the engine once the dust settles. Main threat.

6-CARLOS MITTANNA…went big mile in last showing excellent gate speed & a fighting spirit right to the wire.

5-HEZ A BUCKEYE…finally gave a slight hint in last showing nice pace on backside--:27.4. Could “make” tkt.

9-Y S JOE…could be on engine to join the fray early. Does have :27 & a piece 1st quarter speed. Must leave.


7-DEL RIO SEELSTER…in superior form these days and probably on the engine when gate springs. Stays put!

2-TONY CHEESECAKE…showed ability to grind forward a long way. Finally drew an advantageous post here.

4-OWOSSO FLASH…has huge brushing potential when in the mood and given room to roam. Off the pace.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 -   6 w 2,3,7 w 2,4,8 w 2,3,4)

6-BEIGNET…warrior now has 200 starts under girth & very competitive in this type of claiming event. Edge.

8-BROWN TITAN…pulled turn 2 in last and kept grinding forward in very decent effort. Catches 3rd over!

4-SILVER SPIR…seemed to be bothered in last in the lane. Has some early speed & probably on choo-choo.


2-FOUR SOCKS…needed last to tighten up after 5 months off. Much better draw here to show what he’s got.

3-F TWENTY TWO…turned on his afterburners big time in last to roll by late. Steps up here but form sharp.

7-E R MELVIN…in better spot class-wise here, although didn’t draw well. Could be on the engine this time.


8-MAXDADDY BLUE CHIP…returns to the wars after scratch. Could benefit off solid fractions and live cover.

4-FRITZIE PIC UP MAN…lost composure for a second leaving in last then showed solid pace rest of the way.

2-WINYARD HANOVER…in superb form these days. Does step up but mile back to last one would be danger.


3-JAMAICAN COWBOY…dawdled back to far to do much damage in last. Revs it up from this spot to fly by.

2-CABO REAL…in over head last 2. Now back down to more reasonable situation where he can do damage.

4-ALWAYS A TIGER…tried cutting the mustard in last but spiced it up too much off half in very hot panels.

RACE TEN (DOUBLE -  4-5, 7-5)

4-CAM’S ORACLE…just keeps moving up the ladder a step at a time with success. On the engine again here.

7-ALASKAN SEELSTER…been hot property lately & got picture perfect trip to get up final stride or 2 in last.

2-FREE LOVE…dips down a notch here and drew well. Paced middle half in :56.2 last start. Cover flow here.

RACE ELEVEN (SUPER HI-5 -     5 w 1,3,4,9 ALL THE WAY)     

5-ORATOR…very hot property lately. Been very sharp in recent & has perfect post to extend streak to 3.

1-KINGSLEY B…loves ot be in the thick of the action from the gat-go & should be cozily close throughout.

9-BEACH BLAST…had second tier post in last, left pocked 3/8s in and showed good pace rest of journey.

4-SCREENPLAY…kind of an “even-steven” effort in last with the :27.4 finale by winner too tough to dent.

3-LILYS REAL BOY…sat chilly most of the way in last during winner’s very quick mile. Expect a bubble here.


Written by John Berry