Pompano Tuesday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

April 21st, 2017

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE -  1-6, 1-8, 7-6, 7-8       PICK-5 -  1,7 w 6,8 w 2,4 w 5,7 w 1)

7-SHADYS ART...outside post, yes, but field is short & can catch live cover off quick panels. In a bit easier.

1-DREA’S GOOD POWOW...in new hands for this, drew the rail and recent form has been decent. Big threat.

4-SPORTS EXPERT...cut some serious mustard in last and hung on gamely in late stages. Steps up a notch.

RACE TWO                                              

8-GALLEY WENCH...expect her to blast off the gate & try the wiring act here. Prominent in last several starts.

6-PRINCESS DELCINE...sat chilly a bit too long in last & got shuffled. Prior showed very strong pace in lane.

2-SPORTS FIRST LADY...not much on paper these days but can rattle some cages if she gets some live cover.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 -      2,4 w 6,7 w 1 w 4,6 w 1,4 w 3)

4-BENNS SCORE KEEPER...had a very tough journey in last when he went looking early & hung out long way.

2-MAJESTIC WON...gave nice hine in last showing sharp backside trot that continued right to the finish.

5-CELEBRITY LAMPERT...been showing a tendency to leave lately. Found spot early then “even-steven” after.


5-BAD ANGEL...was used VERY hard making the top in last which took toll. MUCH easier spot, post 5 = win.

7-BIG VALLEY SPEED...rare miscue last. Likes to join the fray from the get-go. Prominent with a clean mile.

2-UPTO A DREAM... held firm until deep stretch against tougher in last. Should enjoy close up journey here.

4-FLASHY LADY...got away with murder in last (:59 half) & cruised home thereafter. Closing in on $400,000.

3-PC’S ALLEYWAY...seems to be in a bit tougher in her but recent form still good. Tiring a bit late in late win.

RACE FIVE                                               

1-LAYER CAKE...mare needed last to tighten up & wasn’t ready to go 1:51 & change, anyhow. Great spot here.

4-SCIROCCO MILEY KAY...left like a rocket in last and hung in there surprisingly well late in very quick mile.

6-EXCELERATED SPEED...doesn’t seem to get much respect at the windows but always gives good effort.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 -   4,6 w 1,4 w 3 w 3,10)                                       

4-GOLDSTAR ROCKETTE...huge mile in last & nailed final stride. Gets nod here as she drew inside of main foe.

6-MACHIN MARLEY...got picture perfect handling in last & got nod in stirring stretch duel. On the engine here.

3-SUE’S NIGHT OUT...paced 1:23 & change the final 3/4s of her last mile. Has done well in this class before.


1-TWIN B SPIKE MAN...getting very sharp now and stays put in same class he defeated last week. Rail helps.

4-SAND SWAN...had a difficult journey in last but got composed after the half & put in decent effort. Danger.

8-POP MY BUTTONS...been over her head last couple & now dips to more amiable situation. On the engine??

RACE  EIGHT (DOUBLE -     3-3, 3-10)

3-REAL TEMPTATION...got away in good order in last, pulled too early for 2nd time and was hung out to dry.

1-HILLBILLY KID...cut some brisk panels for class in last and out-kicked in final stages, Rail keep cozily close.

2-HILLCREST BIGDADDY...gave nice hint in last showing strong pace in final stages. Can rattle cages late.

RACE NINE (SUPER HI-5 -    3,10 w 3,10 w 4,6,9 w 4,6,9 w ALL)

3-CABO REAL...in a very enviable situation as he gets in on NW clause against lower class. Good effort in last.

10-SHAMDEROCK...should relish the class here even from 2nd tier post. Will be catching cover lats lap here.

9-DUNGEON DRAGON...is getting into the habit of tossing in some very stout final panels. Can “make” ticket.

4-A FOOL FOR MARK...warrior has returned to solid form in recent--and doing so with different strategy.

6-MY ROBERTO...pulled turn 2 in last & churned forward final 9/16s of the mile to upset at 84 to 1. Fits well.


Written by John Berry.