Pompano Tuesday Pickin' from John Berry

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Jen Perkins

April 29th, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

RACE ONE             DOUBLE - 1-3, 1-7, 2-3, 2-7, 7-3, 7-7        PICK-5 -   1,2,7 w 3,7 w 6 w 6,9 w 3,4,5,7

7-SUE’S YOUR DADDY...posts have hindered last 2 but did pace final 3/4s in 1:25.4. Can rattle cages late.

2-CAITLIN’S ROMANCE...post hindered in last. Drew much better here & usually does well from inside posts.

1-ASHLEY’S DESIRE...winless this semester but noticing the solid late kicks she has produced last couple sts.


3-GOLD STAR PETER...back down to NW 2 class where he did very well 2 starts back. Capable of winning here.

7-MAYBE NED...recent form has been sharp lately. Drawing outside doesn’t help so he must be on engine.

1-ZERO STRESS HILARY...showed some strong pace on backside in last against tougher. Drew well here, too.

RACE THREE                                       PICK-6 -  6 w 6,9 w 3,4,5,7 w 2,7 w 2 w 2,7,9

6-WILLIAMS WISH...been grinding away in slightly higher class. Compares well in here. Catches liver cover.

4-NOWER POWER...gave similar hint in last that he gave before last win. Can trot a very stout final quarter.

2-SAVIN ROCK...usually performs clean miles. Trotted last half under 1:00 in last. Gave nice hint in last mile.

RACE FOUR                                PENTAFECTA -  6,9 w 6,9 w 1,2,3,4 w 1,2,3,4 w 1,2,3,4

9-TOWNLINE MOMMA...was in against an “Open” trotter in last & gave good account. MUST be on the engine.

6-LUKAS HALL...improved big time in last. Trotted last 1/2 in :58.3 in solid effort. Merits consideration here.

4-MAJESTIC WON...winless this year so far but throwing hints last 2 starts. Probably taking the money here.

2-REVRAC HARBOUR...not much on pepre these days but does have fastest win time of all in this field. 15/1.

3-IMAHONKYCONCHMAN...veteran trotted backside quarter in :28 & been getting checks. Hinting for better.


4-SUE’S NIGHT OUT...went first up on backside to engage leader & dented quick panel. Can fly off cover late.

5-MACHIN MARLEY...outside post hurt in last. Back to strategy she likes best--leaving & yielding for the trip.

3-GOLDSTAR ROCKETTE...off hot early pace in last, pulled backside denting quick panel. Her last 1/2 = :56.

RACE SIX                                                        PICK-4 - 2,7 w 2 w 2,7,9 w 4,7

7-TEEZER BREE...facing similar situation that he faced before last win. Can brush hard a long way. Can upset.

2-NOMAD...has been competitive against higher class. Can rev it up big time & is threat off of a clean journey.

8-KEGLER HANOVER...recent have been decent. Outside post doesn’t help but will pick up live cover last lap.


2-ONE TOUGH NUT...appropriately named youngster showed sharp gate speed in qually. In appetizing spot.

1-LADY MACHBETH...took short lead late & nailed on the line. Recent form getting sharper. Cozily close here.

6-BIG LAURA LYN...lightly raced youngster showed nice pace backside--:27.4--and compares very nicely.


9-BOLI...outside post, yes, but should be on the prowl early looking for spot close up early. Can grind away.

7-KEYSTONE BODACIOUS...can turn on the afterburners when it counts. Will be out last lap following cover.

2-MY REVENUER...veteran rarely throws in a clunker. Drew well and can rattle cages off 2nd over live cover.

RACE  NINE                                                           DOUBLE -  4-7, 7-7

4-SHADYS ART...got messed up in a logjam in last & happy to survive without much incident. Turns it on late.

7-LAYER CAKE...had to go 1st up backside in last & couldn’t seal the deal. Outside post forces cover flow trip.

3-HAPPY TO SCOOT...doesn’t win often but can really rock and roll late. Drew well & merits consideration.

RACE TEN                                   SUPER HI-5 -  7 w 4,6,8 w 4,6,8 w 3,4,5,6,8 w 3,4,5,6,8

7-MY ROBERTO...stepped up in last but was outside whole mile. Back down to class he whipped 2 starts ago.

4-TALKTOMECOURAGE...veteran has won over $600K & finally got a win in last with brave effort. On ticket.

8-FOUR STARZ ALEX...pulled under the line first time and forged forward to take short lead late--then nailed.

6-REAL TEMPTATION...showed some gate speed in last, sat chilly, found room late & was getting to winner.

3-P L DANGEROUS...seems to try hard every start & just needs to work out 2nd over journey to hit the ticket.


Written by John Berry