Pompano Tuesday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

February 10th, 2017

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE -  2-6 / PICK-5 -   2 w 6 w 2,5 w 4,6 w 4)

2-I SAW RED...been trying very hard in recent showing strong backside pace in each. Earns slight edge here.

4-SHORTEST DISTANCE...rugged mare has amazing 93 lifetime wins & gave nice hint in last. On the engine.

6-GOLD DTAR SONATA...Florida bred comes off big year--12 wins--and can rattle cages big time in the lane.


6-ROCKN STIEN...versatile sort a recent purchase already paying dividends. Leaves & wends way close early.

5-DIAMOND DAGGER...mare went remarkable mile in last leading at every pole in lifetime best effort. Tough.

4-MASSIVE LIGHTNING...can really rattle cages in the lane. Depending on hot fractions early to set it up.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 - 2,5 w 4,6 w 4 w 1,6 w 2,5 w 4,6)

5-CABO REAL...recent form has been very sharp. Now, in bit easier situation here. Leaves & gets garden trip.

2-DABUNKA...probably cutting the mustard in here, like he has last few starts. Threat to carry it all the way.

8-DIGAM...post does hinder a bit, yes, but has wicked gate speed & will be on the attack early. Great form.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA - (Box) 1,3,4,5,6)

4-REVRAC HARBOUR...in new hands after claim last week. Steps up but still compares very well in this one.

6-SOUTHWIND STRYKER...unstoppable if he minds his manners. Has exceptional brushing ability. Chalk!

5-PC’S WILDCARD...used big move after the opener and surged into the lead ran low on fuel mid-stretch.

1-LEGEND FIELD...seems to give it his all every start. JUst did miss all the marbles in last. Rail keeps close.

3-SAND SWAN...followed winner in last as that one brushed to the front. Chased him home rest of the way.


4-SOUTHWIND VOLTAGE...warrior gets in better spot this week. Gave hint in last with good trot mid-mile.

5-FEDERAL DEPUTY...never really got in the hunt as winner scorched first 3/4s of the mile. Looking 4 better.

1-UPTO A DREAM...has decent gate speed and should be prominent the entire distance from the rail. On tkt.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 - 1,6 w 2,5 w 4,6 w 1,5,7)

1-WHO’S IN THE MIST...doesn’t win often--only 2 for 100--but giving hints in last two. Can upset applecart.

6-FEELIN LILLY...been very sharp last two starts. Probably on the choo-choo train when Hummer leaves.

4-CARLOS MITTANNA...excellent showing in last--just out-brushed in deep stretch. Likes to control things.


2-STACHE...gets bit of class relief here. Can turn on the afterburners when it counts. Almost won Open 2 last.

5-EXPLOSIVE MUSCLES...got smart handling in last and pulled around final turn & dug in late to win it.

4-CASHAHALLIC...gets some class relief here. Sat a bit too long in last and never really fired  in close finish.


6-SOOO HANDSOME...stepped up the ladder big time in last & performed very well. In a trifle easier in here.

4-SWAN HANDICAP...made two moves in last--one early to find good spot & another first up on backside.

3-GOLD SAVAGE...solid performer always gives top effort. Cut the mustard in last & just got nailed on wire.

RACE NINE (DOUBLE  -  1-3, 5-3, 7-3)

7-MY ROBERTO...not much on paper these days but dips to lowest rung on ladder after giving solid hint in last.

1-A WEEKEND...showed some pace on backside in last & now moves up to front row so should be close up.

5-BLUE FIN...repelled a bid around final turn in last and dug in hard to hold on for dear life late. On engine.

RACE TEN (SUPER HI-5 - 3 w 4,5,6,10 ALL THE WAY)

3-THUMPEM...New Zealand bred was hampered by post in last but showed :28 pace on backside. Better spot.

5-SURGE SEELSTER...followed winner in last through demanding fractions and held decently in sharp effort.

4-COLLEGE MAJOR...was off the very hot early pace in last and did show decent backstretch pace. Improved!

10-RIVER VALLEY...starts from second tier back of one with early speed. Could get very decent journey here.

6-INDEPENDENT SPIRIT...does possess sharp gate speed as he showed in last. Could be on attack early here.


Written by John Berry