Pompano Tuesday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

March 17th, 2017

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE -   1-2, 7-2        PICK-5 -   1,7 w 2 w 3,4 w 3,6 w 3,7,8)

1-OLD OAK...awesome performance in last taking lifetime mark. Probably on the choo-choo train from post.

7-P MAC ATTACK...extremely sharp in qually showing gate speed and never letting up. Another on the engine.

3-PC’S ALLEYWAY...pulled on backside in last and dented quick third panel. Compares well with rest of foes.

RACE TWO                                              

2-THE LIFE OF PIE...post hindered in last but, from this post, could be leaving to get the garden journey here.

3-CULINARY DELIGHT...usually takes the shortest distance around the oval, which has worked well last two.

4-SILVIA...was on the move backside in last but went up in the air final bend. Gutsy thing comes to compete.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 -     3,4 w 3,6 w 3,7,8 w 7 w 3,5,6 w 3,8)

4-LASTDUKESTANDING...not much on paper lately but posts have hindered. Must give chance at this level.

3-BLUE FIN...very sharp and very dangerous in this class. Probably on the engine to dictate the terms here.

1-SAUCY BROWN...been pretty solid in recent and last showed excellent pace to the line. Rail should help.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA -   3,6 w 3,6 w 1,4,9 w 1,4,9 w ALL)

6-GROOVEY KID...makes class by single dollar. Can really rock when given room to roam. Just must stay flat.

3-STACHE...saved all the ground in last and found a seam in the lane to show good late trot to finish third.

9-LUGAR...loves to be in the thick of the battle from the get-go. Will be on the motorbike when gate opens.

1-FEDERAL DEPUTY...was on the move in last but then went up in the air to lose all chance. Should be better.

4-RAMZAN...has loads of speed & can really rattle some cages when in the mood. Clean mile very dangerous.


8-DIAMOND DAGGER...tried early move in last but was hung out to dry like wet laundry. Cover flow can upset!

7-MODERN MERCURY...very reliable mare can turn on the afterburners in the lane. Second over trip in here.

3-SHE’S ALL IN...probably on the engine early then yielding for the garden journey. Continues to draw well.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 -    7 w 3,5,6 w 3,8 w 5,8)

7-ROLL WITH FAITH...filly finally overcame obstacles to make great debut here. Looks to be very promising.

4-DANDY’S DUDUDIDUDU...had some sharp gate speed and then sat chilly on backside. How ‘bout a bubble?

6-A BIT OF HEAVEN...brilliant 2017 debut, scoring in 1:56 with last 1/2 in :57.2. On the choo-choo train here.

RACE SEVEN                                                

5-COMMENTARY...finally gets some class relief from Open class. Was close up in last against tougher. Leaving!

6-SAND SWAN...made a miscue in last...forgiving that. Looking for clean start to settle in up close first bend.

3-NOBLE ANTHONY...first start back after scratch (sick) was solid. Can gulp air forever! Probably off pace.

RACE EIGHT (DOUBLE -    3-5, 3-8, 8-5, 8-8)

3-THROUGH THE NIGHT...very tough customer when he minds his manners. Smartly stays in the same class.

8-MAJESTIC WON...outside post, yes, but could be leaving & looking for cozy spot up close. Chance to upset.

2-GOLDSTAR CLASSIC...like to fight from the opening bell. On the choo-choo train from this post. Dangerous.

RACE  NINE (SUPER HI-5 -   5,8 w 5,8 w 1,3,4, w 1,3,4,6 w ALL)   

8-BEST DREAM SEEKER...gave a hint in last by pacing backside quarter in :27.3. Dips to bottom rung. 15 to 1.

5-FOUR STARZ ALEX...tried forging forward in last but got chewed up and spit out. Might try wiring act here.

3-TALKTOMECOURAGE...warrior is winless this semester but giving a hint here and there for better things.

4-DR FLAMINGO...much improved in last. Sat chilly to the lane then closed with alacrity & just did miss it all.

1-CAVIART SPENCER...rail provides better opportunity to hit Super Hi-5 ticket. Can sprint home on occasion.


Written by John Berry