Pompano Tuesday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

April 10th, 2017

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE -  3-4, 3-7, 6-4, 6-7             PICK-5 -   3,5 w 4,7 w 4,6,7 w 3,5,8 w 4,5) 

3-ILLUSIONSNDREAMS...warrior has great gate speed & can control festivities here. Win put him over $400K.

6-TEEZER BREE...giving hints lately. Can rev it up when in mood. Live cover & fast panels would help cause.

5-SAINT PATTY’S DOLL...just has to turn the clock back a bit to be prominent. Has post to use her early speed.

RACE TWO                                              

4-ROCKIN DESIRE...filly can really turn on the afterburners when it counts. Might even leave and yield here.

7-GALLEY WENCH...pulled under the wire 1st time & showed strong pace middle 3/8s of mile. On the engine?

5-ROYAL J...raced HUGE mile in last and paced last half in :55 flat to just miss all the marbles. Prominent.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 -   4,6,7 w 3,5,8 w 4,5 w 4 w 3,4,6 w 3,7)

7-NOMAD...was in way over head in last but still showed stout trot in the lane. Back down to do damage here.

6-BIG VALLEY SPEED...left & looked in last, found spot, pulled on short notice & just couldn’t quite make top.

4-LUGAR...raced big mile in last and even took short lead late before being nailed on the line. Dangerous!!

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA -   3,5,8 w 3,5,8 w 3,5,8 w 1,2,4 w 1,2,4)

3-FEDERAL DEPUTY...faced a very tough assignment in last. Drew better this time and should like company.

8-STACHE...outside post keeps this one from being top pick. Certainly has the credentials to rev it up late.

5-CELEBRITY LOVER...been getting great handling in recent & is versatile enough to leave, yield & close well.

1-UPTO A DREAM...seems to like to be close up from the get-go and drew post enabling him to do just that.

2-GOLDSTAR CLASSIC...chased very good mare around in last & seemed discouraged when he couldn’t catch.

RACE FIVE                                                

4-MYSTERY WRITER...went amazing mile from 9 post in last pacing final 3/4s in 1:24.1. Right back from PP4.

5-PURPLE N GOLD...stepped up to Open 2 company and used rail to perfection to stay prominent all the way.

3-EMBASSY SEELSTER...went big mile in last pulling under the line first time and grinding all the way home.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 -   4 w 3,4,6 w 3,7 w 2,3)                                              

4-TOTAL FREEDOM...mare can come up with a big mile here and there. Dips down to a very amiable situation.

6-HOLY HALIBUT...former Open trotter looking to regain some of the luster. Was hung out a long, long way!

2-BODY DOUBLE...went big mile in last, especially last panel & dips down to an even better spot. Dangerous!!


4-GOLD STAR PETER...good mile in last against solid crew. Couldn’t dent winner but still had sharp pace late.

3-MAYBE NED...chased  sharp winner in last and didn’t give an inch final 3/4s of the mile when dust settled.

6-SILVERADO...sat chilly in last but did show solid pace in the lane. Might be leaving & looking this time out.

RACE  EIGHT (DOUBLE -    3-2, 3-3, 7-2, 7-3)

7-DIVINATION...showed excellent gate speed in last, settling in back of a very sharp winner (1:54.3). Leaves.

3-DIAMOND DAGGER...mare had perfect post to strut her stuff in last & cruised around oval unthreatened.

2-CELEBRITY ARTEMIS...was in pretty tough inl ast but did show decent trot on backside. Dips class-wise.

RACE NINE (SUPER HI-5 -    2,3 w 2,3,w 1,6,7 w 1,6,7 w ALL)

2-EMPTY GESTURE...was used very hard early in last which took toll late. Drew much better for cozy journey.

3-EXCELERATED SPEED...was flying at the end of her mile last week. Drew well here and gets live cover flow.

1-CAITLIN’S ROMANCE...has put in solid performance every start. Drew rail & will be prominent throughout.

6-FREEDOM ROLLS...away well in last, sat chilly & was shuffled, found room & wore leader down.

7-CARLOTA BLUE CHIP...likes to be in the thick of things from the get-go. Left in last, garden trip.


Written by John Berry