Pompano Tuesday Pickin' from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

January 13th, 2017

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE - 4-7, 5-7 / PICK-5 - 4,5 w 7 w 2,4,5 w 2 w 2,3,4,5)

5-CARLOS MITTANNA...was used hard to gain top spot early & cut the mustard to top of stretch. Dips here.

4-KDMAKEWAY...gave a bit of a hint in last showing :28 speed on backside. Brush from 2nd over threatens.

2-FULL ON ROCKNROLL...relishes this class and has performed well last 4 starts. Will be on the engine here.


7-TATER TWISTER...in the form of his career now and has the gate speed to overcome outside post. Prevails.

4-GOLD SAVAGE...missed couple of weeks (sick) but trainer is very astute in bringing ‘em back ready to rock.

5-DIAMOND DAGGER...mare changed tactics in last and equalled life mark while taking lead early & wiring.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 - 2,4,5 w 2 w 2,3,4,5 w 7 w 2,3 w 4)

2-DABUNKA...in new hands for his 100th career start. Was grinding a long way first up in last. Compares well.

4-A WEEKEND...post destroyed chances in last but prior showed :27.3 backside pace in giving a solid hint.

5-CLIVE HANOVER...warrior can still toss in a very quick final panel on occasion. Leaving & yielding from PP5?

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA - 2 w 3 w 1,7,9 w 1,7,9 w ALL)

2-STACHE...came from well out of it in last trotting last 3/4s in 1:26.2. Can catch a second over journey here.

3-UPTOA DREAM...showed alacrity leaving in last but sat chilly too long & was disinterested when it counted.

1-LUKAS HALL...kind of an “even-steven” effort trying tougher class in last but showed good trot in the lane.

7-LEGEND FIELD...can turn on the afterburners on occasion. Needs live cover and quick panels to get in fray.

9-PINKY THE INTERN...needed one more stride to win last start. Sharp now but outside post may hinder here.


4-ALASKAN SEELSTER...tried “8’s” last week and, while in tougher situation, showed very sharp pace in lane.

3-ALWAYS A TIGER...marched up first over on the backside in last but quarter too stiff to do much damage.

2-NEEDLES AND PINS...post hurt in last but paced middle half in :56. Drew much better & should be closer.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 - 7 w 2,3 w 4 w 1,2,3,4)

7-PC’S ALLEYWAY...spend first part of the mile outside looking in & still had some kick in his step in the lane.

4-GLOBAL INSPIRATION...has perfect post to sprint out early and yield for the garden trip. Gets aggressive!

3-MOON DANCE...post destroyed chances in last but will be on choo-choo train now that he’s drawn this post.


2-ONTHECLOCK HANOVER...was hard pressed to take command in last and got no breather. Compares well.

3-BALL DON’T LIE...been sharp last few starts. Spent lotsa time sucking oxygen in last & still held on well.

7-LASTDUKESTANDING...giving solid hints lately. Can really rattle cages in the lane. Could upset applecart.


4-RUDDY RUSTY...took lifetime mark in last when he romped gate to wire. Race back to that one wins again.

1-GROOVEY KID...can be kind of a head case on occasion but has extreme speed, especially when given track.

6-EXPLOSIVE MUSCLES...been in top classes last few and performing decently. Bit of class relief might help.

RACE  NINE (DOUBLE - 1-5, 2-5, 3-5, 4-5)

2-BROWN TITAN...woke up big time in last with huge double-bubble binge final turn. Steps up but form good.

1-OFFICER JONES...drew well and dips down to a situation that should be more to his liking. Flies off cover.

4-SAWBUCK...has developed “second-itis” last three starts. Can rattle cages in the lane on occasion. On tkt.

RACE TEN (SUPER HI-5 - 5 w 6,7,8,9 ALL THE WAY)

5-BEIGNET...former open pacer was used very hard early & faltered midway in the lane. Leaves & controls.

9-VAN GUNDY HANOVER...liked that double-bubble move 5/16s out in last and went all he could after that.

7-BLUE FIN...actually performed nicely for new owner-trainer in last. High up on ticket if panels are stiff.

8-TALKTOMECOURAGE...will be on the engine when Hummer leaves the station. Warrior goes over 600K here.

6-MASTER OF PUPPETS...solid claimer rarely misses a check & seems to take care of himself on the racetrack.


Written by John Berry