Pompano Wedensday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

March 20th, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE –  1-4, 2-4         PICK-5 -     1,2 w 4 w 4,5 w 6,9 w 5,6)

1-GALLEY WENCH…doesn’t win often but giving hints lately. Showed speed at both ends of the mile in last.

2-CAITLIN’S ROMANCE…extremely sharp now and becoming resilient, as well. May try the wiring act here.

3-ROYAL J…has very strong brushing power. Just needs to time explosion right to be in the thick of battle.


4-JETS ARE ON…in a little deep in last but, last two times in this class, won. Can turn on afterburners late.

5-GOLDSTAR ROCKETTE…gutsy Florida bred dips down notch after being competitive in Open 1 company.

2-OK HEAVENLY…very consistent mare always puts on excellent performance. Versatile & can sprint late.

RACE THREE (PICK-6  -   4,5 w 6,9 w 5,6 w 5,9 w 1,4,5 w 6)

4-ENDEAVORS DOT COM…showed stout pace middle 3/8s of the mile in game effort. Dips to amiable spot.

5-HAPPY TO SCOOT…pulled on backside with pace in last, lost a bit of ground final turn, was strong in lane.

3-MY SWEET MANDY…not much on paper these days but did show some pace on backside--:28. Hits the tkt.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA –  6,9 w 6,9 w 1,3,10 w 1,3,10 w ALL)

6-UPTO A DREAM…actually did decently against tougher group after month off. Dips & should be tighter here.

9-BISTRO…nothing on paper lately & drew poorly but gave a bit of a hint in last with backside trot. 25/1.

3-CELEBRITY LAMPERT…finally gave a bit of a hint in last with some trot on backstretch. Compares decently.

1-ILLUSIONSNDREAMS…warrior was hung out to dry like wet laundry in last. Move to rail improves chances.

10-ON THE TAB…$778K winner not what he used to be but should get a close up journey from second tier.


6-ALABAMASHAKEY…was used extremely hard in gaining top spot during sizzling ½. Leaves & yields here.

5-SOUTHWIND TRINI…very tough competitor can rev it up in the lane. Should very stout pace late in last.

1-YES YOU CAN…versatile mare tried cutting the mustard in last but got caught final 16th. Garden trip here.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 -   5,9 w 1,4,5 w 6 w 7)

5-NOMAD…post destroyed chances in last. Dips down to amiable level here and can upset applecart on best.

9-URIEL…takes double-dip down in class and will be on the engine even from outside post. Trying wiring.

1-I’LL TELL YOU WHAT…warrior approaching 300 lifetime starts with 60 wins. Will get confident handling.


4-I SAW RED…seems to get a check every week despite class. Been giving hints lately. Compares nicely here.

1-GO GO PATTY JO…made confident move in last but it backfired. Still, held on very well until mid-stretch.

5-GOLD STAR SONATA…finally got first win of the year in last. Will be on the choo-choo train then yielding.


6-OK HEARTBEAT…went looking for good spot in last from PP8 but no-go. Live cover journey very dangerous.

5-SKEEBALL…went first up on backside in last & dented very quick 3rd panel before faltering. Leaving here?

2-SCIROCCO MILEY KAY…showed sharp backside pace in last--:27.4—but couldn’t sustain. Looks for 2nd over.


7-PURPLE N GOLD…was on a mission early in last, yielded, then re-took but early fractions took toll. Leaving!

2-ASHLEY’S DESIRE…when in the mood, mare can rattle some cages turning for home. Looking for live cover.

1-RIVER RISING…facing a bit easier, drew well and can sprint late when it counts. 3d panel too still to dent.

RACE TEN (LATE DOUBLE -  1-1, 1-2, 1-4, 6-1, 6-2, 6-4)

6-SAWBUCK…showed some spunk leaving in last but couldn’t stave off winner’s brush on backside. Off pace.

1-HILLCREST BIGDADDY…changed strategy in last by leaving, yielded & held until they turned for home.

3-MUSTANG SALLY..giving nice hints lately. Could be factor off live cover if panels are quick enough. On tkt.

RACE ELEVEN (SUPER HI-5 – 1,2,4 w 1,2,4 w 1,2,4 w 3,7,8 w ALL)

1-MYSTERY WRITER…been sorta hot property lately. In new hands for this & found very amiable situation.

4-SOPHIA SEELSTER…been getting super handling in recent and been dominant against same “6’s.” Danger.

2-SHADYS ART…dips a bit here after showing very good pace on backside--:27.4. Continued well to the line.

3-SUE’S YOUR DADDY…needed last start to tighten up after few months off. Should be prominent factor.

8-KEYSTONE CHRISTA…seems to try every start and will be off the pace seeking some live cover last lap.