Pompano Wednesday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

January 24th, 2017

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

RACE ONE (DOUBLE - 1-6, 3-6, 4-6 / PICK-5 - 1,3,4 w 6 w 3,5 w 2,5,9,10 w 7)

1-OK HEARTBEAT…dips a bit after showing :27.2 backside pace. Recent form decent and rail gives the edge.

3-CARLOTA BLUE CHIP…got a picture perfect journey in last drafting along & had some kick gaining late.

4-RIVER RISING…pulled on backstretch and began gnawing away, pacing last half in :55.4. Getting sharp.


6-WILD WANDA…very handy winner in 2017 debut. Should be even tighter for this encounter. Probably 1/5.

2-METRO GLIDE…can rattle cages in the lane. Paced backside quarter in :26.4 & last half in :54.3. Threat here.

5-OK HEAVENLY…got great handling in last and used :27.4 finale to get up. Probably on the engine again from Post 5.

RACE THREE (PICK-6 - 3,5 w 2,5,9,10 w 7 w 2,5,6 w 1,6 w 4)

3-LOOKHARRYIMWINNING…was used a bit early on in last & tried second move backside. Needs cover flow.

5-ROYAL J…blitzed competition in last with backside blast to win. Is dangerous when given room to roam.

7-LICKCREEK FRANCIS…sat chilly most of the way in last but did show some decent pace late in the mile.

RACE FOUR (PENTAFECTA - (Box) 1,2,5,9,10)

9-SAUCY BROWN…left alertly in last but was hung out to dry like wet laundry. Taking chance on finding spot.

10-STRONSKI…usually sits quietly and sits behind rail so could gain decent position early. Can rattle late.

5-WHOS IN THE MIST…dips another notch here. Did show some nice pace backside & held very firm in lane.

2-BEST DREAM SEEKER…down another rung on the ladder. Gave hint with :28.1 backstretch pace in last.

1-MASTER OF PUPPETS…post hurt chances in last when did not leave but showed excellent pace in stretch.


7-SEAFOOD PATTY…Hmmmm. Won in $7,500 CD CL class and now in for “4.” Looks better when gate leaves.

3-MAEJUSMAC…in new hands for this. On a roll lately in this class and stays put here. The main threat here.

4-EMPTY GESTURE…was given excellent drive in last with great rating during 2nd quarter. Drifted out in lane.

RACE SIX (PICK-4 - 2,5,6 w 1,6 w 4 w 3)

2-HEART MAJOR…dips down to a very amiable situation. Has gate speed & reliable for :28 finale. Gets nod.

6-SUE’S NIGHT OUT…showed good pace on backside (:27.1) while double-bubbled. Cover flow trip benefits.

5-ART FRENZY…mare followed cover on backside in last and dented quick 3rd panel. On engine from post 5.


6-SHORTEST DISTANCE…very rugged mare took needed vacation & now ready for assault on 100 career wins.

1-MY SWEET MANDY…compares very well and has drawn the rail. Pulled final turn in last but winner tuff.

7-TON OF LUCK…needed last start to tighten up after two months off. Did show a little pace in backside last.


4-ANDRO MADY…competed decently against higher claimers in past. Very sharp performance in last. Hinting.

5-PURPLE N GOLD…liked the pace on backside in last--:27.2—and recent in the “8-10” claiming class decent.

2-DE VALERIA…takes a nice dip in class here. Can brush very hard for a quarter. Just needs to use it right.


3-ASTARISONTHEWAY…left a tad in last and settled up close then showed very strong pace late in the mile.

1-P L HULA…came off qually ready to rock & roll. Moves up here but has drawn well and will be cozily close.

6-SOUTHWIND TRINI…recent have been “even-steven” miles but now moves down to a more amiable spot.

RACE TEN (SUPER HI-5 - 5 w 2,3,9 w 2,3,9 w 2,3,9,10 w ALL)

5-CLIVE HANOVER…woke up big time in last and stays put in same class with same post. Looking for repeat.

2-FOUR STARZ ALEX…post hindered chances in last but showed good pace during backside quarter-:28.1.

3-BEIGNET…was in a very amiable spot in last and was not bothered during :58.4 opener. On the engine.

9-TALKTOMECOURAGE…does have some gate speed to overcome post. Question is: Can he find good spot?

10-BLUE FIN…second tier post may play right into his hooves if he can follow front stepper out of the gate.


Written by John Berry