Pompano Wednesday Pickin’ from John Berry

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Chantal Variot

May 9th, 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

RACE ONE             DOUBLE -  1-3, 1-4, 1-6, 2-3, 2-4, 2-6       PICK-5 - 1,2 w 3,4,6 w 1,5 w 3,7 w 2,5,6

1-CAITLIN’S ROMANCE...seems to be in a trifle easier here. Drew well and can make quarter move to control.

2-GALLEY WENCH...already made $3 more than entire 2016 season. Leaving & yielding for garden journey.

3-REAL NICE GIRL...used early to secure good spot early & held firm late through rugged panels for class.

RACE TWO                                              

3-CHOCOLATE XPLOSION...forgiving last. Banking on aggressive early handling to dictate the terms in here.

4-GROOVEY KID...when on his game, can brush with best of ‘em. Steps up after lifetime best performance.

6-KEYSTONE BODACIOUS...probably taking the $$ here ass he has been very competitive in this class before.

RACE THREE                                          PICK-6 - 1,5 w 3,7 w 2,5,6 w 2,5 w 8 w 7

5-SUE’S NIGHT OUT...consistent mare can turn on the afterburners off live cover. Looking for fast early pace.

1-MACHIN MARLEY...drew well and should be cozily close throughout. Can be tenacious when confronted.

3-SPILLING THE BEANS...post prevented her from using her early speed in last. Will be on the engine in here.

RACE FOUR                                     PENTAFECTA -  3,7 w 3,7 w 2,3,4 w 2,3,4,8 w ALL

3-UPTO A DREAM...appetizing spot as he takes double-dip in class. Probably on the engine trying wiring act.

7-TOWNLINE MOMMA...not much on paper but gave a slight hint in last on “sy” track denting quick 3rd panel.

4-HOLIDAY SPIRIT...left a tad in last & then sat chilly on off track and held very well late in the lane. On tkt.

2-WILLIAMS WISH...lost composure early in last but, once settled down, showed strong trot rest of the way.

8-IMMINENT RESPONSE...was in a tough spot with post and off track in last. Would like to see early speed.

RACE FIVE                                                      PICK 4 -  2,5,6 w 2,5 w 8 w 7

5-ANDRO MADI...was used very hard early in last to secure top spot, repelled challenges 3rd qtr. & firm late.

6-MISS DOLLAR MAM...usually like to leave & settle in garden spot. Showed :27.4 backside pace in last mile.

2-SUE’S YOUR DADDY...tried backsdie move during quick panel & gained while double bubbled. Threatens.


2-TOTAL FREEDOM...needed last to tighten up after month off. Liked the backside m”oo”ve 3/8s out in last.

5-TEEZER BREE...just too far back early on in last couple to do damage. Still, a mile back to 4/18 dangerous.

7-NOMAD...finally got initial win of season in last with huge double-bubble move 5/16s out. Strong late.

RACE SEVEN                                                              DOUBLE -  8-7

8-MY REVENUER...outside post, yes, but appears to be in a very appetizing situation. Follows live cover here.

3-FLASHY LADY...recent form is sharp. Veteran mare will be on the choo-choo train when gate leaves station.

2-STRIKER ACE...seems to be able to take care of himself on the racetrack. How ‘bout a bubble this time??

RACE  EIGHT                                   SUPER HI-5 -  7 w 1,2,3,4 w 1,2,3,4 w 1,2,3,4 w ALL

7-MY ROBERTO...raced decently in last on sloppy oval. Could be on the prowl early to secure the garden spot.

1-HiLLCREST BIGDADDY...winless this semester but gave big hint in last with sharp double-bubble move.

2-BROWN TITAN...probably on engine trying wiring act against these.  Does possess some good back class.

4-FOUR STARZ ALEX...showed some early foot from outside on “sy” track. Not afraid to take some air first up.

3-STRONSKI...usually sits around waiting for a opening in final quarter. Enough to earn a minor share here.




Written by John Berry.