Use our new FASTBET race pages to place your Preakness Stakes online bets!


Our new FASTBET pages are available on every device (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile) and offers the widest range of FREE information you need on all 14 Preakness Stakes runners.  The information and betting on the Preakness Stakes will be available from Friday morning right up until the start of the race at 6:24pm ET on Saturday, May 16th.

Click on the images to see an example of every FREE view we have available on the 14oth Preakness Stakes (and every other race we offer at BetAmerica).

  • Quick View: if you know your selections this is the best view for you!
  • Fast Form Stats: find the last 6 finishing positions and the more ticks the better.
  • Speed & Class Ratings: Look at our Power rating of each runner and more stats.
  • Horse Stats: starts, victories and money won (going to go up significantly if they win this race!)
  • Jockey Stats: lots of stats on the guy responsible for guiding the Kentucky Derby winner home!
  • Trainer Stats: more stats on the guy who trains the Derby runner (some may be repeated)
  • Horse Info: each horse mommy and daddy and even their color!

Don't worry: if you still love the old format it's still available on the WAGER PAD link on the left hand side of all pages.