Predicting the complete order of the 2016 Preakness Stakes

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Ed DeRosa

May 21st, 2016

By now, everyone knows I've picked Exaggerator to win the Preakness Stakes and that I see Nyquist as too good to be too far away from him and Uncle Lino and Lani are my longshot specials to crash the tri, but what of the other 7 seven spots? There's no decafecta, but if there were here's what my cold number would look like:

1. #5 Exaggerator

2. #3 Nyquist

3. #2 Uncle Lino

4. #6 Lani

5. #9 Abiding Star

6. #11 Stradivari

7. #7 Collected

8. #1 Cheery Wine

9. #10 Fellowship

10. #8 Laoban

That's a 5-3-2-6-9-11-7-1-10-8. The reason I didn't list all 11 is because I don't know what kind of fecta that would be, but you can figure out who I think will be 11th based on who I think will finish 1 through 10.

Good luck!