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Kelly Clark

June 2nd, 2017

Saturday evening is going to be one humdinger of performance as we have the finals of the 2017 bestbet Puppy Stakes, the Kickoff for our greyhound summer event, Greyhound Bingo, 2nd chance drawings, and our Win, Place, and Dough promotion we’re we will draw 15 names, 5 each, from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place boxes from the in the money finishers in the Puppy Stakes for CASH prizes. See the best puppies at the racetrack, take in the great food, drinks, and get a chance at free vouchers and cash, what more could you want? NOTHING! Make your reservations now as seats will be hard to come by this Saturday evening at bestbet Jacksonville.

Speaking of the bestbet Puppy Stakes, let’s take a closer look at the field and how we think everything is going to play out come this Saturday evening.
  1. Pat C Hash Tag (Ww Time Warp – Pat C Numbers) is an on again off again runner that backed his way into the finals. Draws a great one box here, but must break very fast if he is going to contend against this field. Will the post be enough for him to contend?
  2. Dutch Double (Flying Hydrogen – Dutch Dinah) is the fastest greyhound in the field, and the only closer in the bunch. Tough when close early on, he has the best chance at running someone down late in this effort. Can he get close enough early on to steal the win?
  3. Ln Michaels (Vee Man Vane* - Uss Out Of Sight) is the best breaker in the field and motored through qualifying undefeated. His should be out of the box in a hurry and the one to catch on the front end once again in this effort. Can he steal enough early to hold on late and win?
  4. Ww Rowdy (Kc And All – Ww Wind Turbines) is a former grade off that has really come into his own as of late. Getting it all figured out, he will need room to rush here early if he wants to be in the conversation at the finish line. Can he keep up the good work and find a way to the rail?
  5. Got It Good (Dragon Fire – Fastestgirlintown) is the pup of this bunch that is still figuring things out of the racetrack. The post doesn’t help him, and he was the only greyhound in the finals to not to win in the qualifying rounds. Is he saving his best run for this race?
  6. Pat C Cozy (Kc And All – L’s Karla Clown) is the model of consistency, with 12 straight races in the money in a row, and tonight she gets another good outside post as well. She has the chops to take down the win, she just needs to break better. Can Pat Collins win this race for the 3rd straight year?
  7. Bambi Brake (Offthebrakedrake – Good Luck Ruby) is the overlooked greyhound in this race that could upset the field. Never out of the trifecta in qualifying, she was never worse than 2nd to the turn in any round. The outside post is good too! Can she continue to break well tonight?
  8. Ww Next Bigthing (Bella Infrared – Wwk Big Money) is the greyhound to beat in this race. With 5 straight wins, and 7 of 8, he is the real deal, but he must be in front as he has never run anyone down from behind in the stretch to win. Can he make the lead in this all early speed race?
Now for a look at how this race plays out. First, I think it is not about the post positions. Some races are, but this one comes down more to who breaks. Seven of the eight greyhound in the field all can get after it from the start, and even the other one, on occasion, can too. It is going to be crowded early and at the turn and it could come down to just who decides to show up and put the money where their mouth is early. Second, no greyhound really has a start edge, class edge, etc. Each of the greyhounds have about the same experience at the racetracks, and each has had their fair share of success and failure. Third, clearly the favorites will be the two undefeated greyhounds, but both can be beaten, they have been before, and each will need to come out in a hurry if they want to hold on against this talented field. Fourth, Pat Collins might have an edge as they have won this race the past two years in a row with Pat C Evermore in 2015 and Pat C Outbounds in 2016. They have 2 chances here and could make it a three peat.

Now for how it is all going to play out…..

As the lure bolts by the box and it pops open, I see it get crowded in a hurry. Breaking free of the rest in the first few strides will be Ln Michaels. The best early speed greyhound in the bunch, he shows what he is made of and comes to run. Also close early is the outside part of the racetrack. Ww Next Bigthing is stalking alongside with Pat C Cozy and Bambi Brake also in the mix. Dutch Double is in the conversation as well, being that he followed the big breaker from the starting box. As the head to the turn, the turn remains the same, but it is in the turn that things start to take shape. Michaels clears around on the easy lead as the outside part of the racetrack stays outside and allows room to run on the inside through the turn. As they turn up the backside, Michaels is in control as Ww Next Bigthing finds some room with Dutch Double next on the rail, followed by Pat C Cozy and Bambi Brake. Down the backside they go and into the far turn and Michaels lead as shrunk down as Ww Next Bigthing and Dutch Double come a calling. Down the stretch is gets even more interesting. Dutch Double is finding his stride and Ww Next Bigthing is not giving up just yet. Digging in deep and battling for the wire, Ln Michaels is giving his all, but the chasers are not willing to surrender to him just yet. Closer they creep to the wire, but it starting to become apparent that Dutch Double will not be denied in this race. Finding another gear, he surges past the leader and takes over command in the final few strides. Michaels must settle for a game place after a hard-fought front running effort, as Ww Next Bigthing completes the trifecta just off the leaders at the line. Pat C Cozy wins the battle for best of the rest as she extends her in the money streak to 13 straight. (2-3-8-6)

Don’t forget to grab some friends, makes your plans, and be sure to join us for all the puppies, prizes, and plethora of cash and fun to be had this Saturday evening at bestbet Jacksonville. I’ll see YOU at the races!