Profit Prospects Abound In Multi-Race Selected Features

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

February 19th, 2020

More attacks on the mainstream this weekend as our selected features address profitable prospects for wins and in Power Plays (PoP). Do your own handicapping and respect our off-the-beaten-track opinions to spike your to your cashing.

Our H2W (horses-to-watch) list offers selections that unearth great additions for bettors with sharp finishers for win, place, show and most single- or multi-exotic races.



Pompano / Races 2—8
Thursday / Feb. 20

Our popular Wallyword feature enters week six. The score leans heavily on our side, as we bet well-paying contenders to beat horses by Pompano’s top driver, Wally Hennessey. Wally wins here and there through Wallyworld programs, with favorite prices, while we are beating him across the board with our outsider choices.

Race 2
We begin our Wallyworld stream with Photo Master. A good second last week, we include Photo Master as an H2W return. The second time from the list is often the charm.

Race 3
This six-horse field may or may not have a horse picked up by Wally, but if he takes the ride on Thatsjusthowiroll, we can easily apply our investment on Sportscam, who is lightly raced so far this season and could pop here, in his fourth start.

Race 4
This loose group of trotters struggles for earnings even grouped with piers. We challenge Wally’s partner here with one from The Great Sanzeri, (Joe, the trainer for those of you unacquainted with our nickname), the zero-for-five (par for this course) Schubie.

Race 5
Wally gets two choices for this one, so we look beyond them and hang hopes on Qing Qong Bluechip. She likes her home at Pompano and though the fans may not totally ignore her, she could go off outside the limits of Wally’s choice.

Race 6
Sanzeri has a pair in this short field, one of which dared Wally a few weeks back in this series. Again, then, we take Silver Wings.

Race 7
Wally should smile about his mount here but who will have the last grin? We hope to me that daring person with a win by King Royalty.

Race 8
Wally hangs out for the closing race tonight, though it looks easy to beat his effort here. Our choice in the trot is Kashe. With only a pair of starts and from the 7 hole, Wayne Henry’s trotter could get the benefit of a poor, anxious field that burns by three-quarters.


Meadows / Races 1, 2, 3
Friday / Feb. 21

From the top of the program, we take on the first three races and their individual exotics, with the Daily Double (DD) inclusive.

Race 1
Mr Moiselle will be our key to the DD. Last week at 9-2 he shared the public’s second-choice status with two others, defining a lack of confidence by fans concerning the competition. He stayed clear of three breakers and survived to finish fifth, while the favorite faltered to one of the other two public choices.

Mr Moiselle’s exotic partners (exacta, trifecta, superfecta) would combine for some good prices with Banker Twentyfive, Order Mattie and Jessiejesorjessica and Invincible

Race 2
Bergerac goes in his fifth of the season off of a better-than-11-1 finish last week. He closed to be third and sent up a flare for this one. Perhaps he wins by a nose? (Literary insinuations are very much allowed in a handicapping analysis, say I.) The DD single.

Bergerac’s exotic partners (exacta, trifecta, superfecta) suggest companions that include Chance To See, Cruserwillein and One To Draw To.

Race 3
Play It Again Sam is one of William Rhoades’ band of talent. Last week he dueled early at near 3-1 and wasted himself to the half, finishing fifth.

”Sam” has good exotic partners (exacta, trifecta, superfecta) with Western Alumni, Epic Union and Junior’s Dew.


Yonkers / Race 7
Saturday / Feb. 22

This is the Preferred Handicap, a $35,000 feature, with eight going. The inside three posts were drawn; posts 4 to 8 were assigned. The three inside posts, therefore, are trotters in a new class. That’s where we will settle.

Julie Miller’s Money Maven takes a big step up from a conditioned affair but won it so convincingly from post 8 that we trust Julie’s decision to take this step because Money Maven is this good right now. Considering the step up and the better foes assigned, a good price should be expected—she won the race that earned her the step up at 6-1.


Pocono / Race 7
Saturday / Feb. 22

Instead of listing Trixar for the second time on the H2W, we are going with William Mullin’s trotter in a selected feature. A field of nine includes a few opening their season and a few from brand-name trainers. Trixar was worth a 7-1 bet last week but she was in tight and still able to make two moves to finish fourth. The favorite in that event and is absent from this one. Trixar is listed at 6-1 and is still a good price at that level—and she may go off higher.

H2W Legend

Review our choices and confirm the wagers available at the prescribed track. H2W offers possible contenders researched from reviewing races. Horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track with the date of their race and the race number (R6 ) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name, it appears on the list for the second time (horses are listed twice only if, at first, they failed to win. An “ae” signals also-eligible. Types of wagers to make are based on your judgment.


2/22/20, Utah Beach R3; Dixon Bay R4; +Stonebridge Guard R9; +JV Alert R12

2/21/20, Almost Cut My Hair R4; +Prom Queen R5; Dependlebury A R8
2/22/20, Hi Ho Julio R1; Free Radical R11
2/20/20, +Last Gunfighter R4
2/24/20, +Safensound Hanover R5; +Northwest Yankee R%6

2/21/20, +Ginger Spice N R1; Lachie Maguire R6
2/22/20, Bold And Brave R2; +Officer Blue Chip R10

2/21/20, Chasin Dreams R4
2/22/20, +Santafe’s Coach R7; +Captain Trevor R8; +Quality Bud R11

2/21/20, +Innocent Victim R5; +Sometimesawinner R7; +Dylan Sam R12
2/24/20, +Better Scoot N R1

2/21/20, +Cinderella Delight R7; +Atlas Peak R8; +Pull The Shade R10
2/22/20, +Sugar Island R11

2/20/20, Regil Tiger R3; +J-bird Hanover R8

2/22/20, +Bad Medicine R5; Alexis May Hanover R7; Shadows Mystery R8; St Lads Gidget R13

2/22/20, +City Hall R6; Alex Tye R9; +Hudsonandbernard R9

2/20/20, +JBs Boomerang R1
2/23/20, +Grand Galop Semalu R1; +Brigadierbronski A R2; +Fritzie Pic Up Man R4; +Iron Chief R8; +Spanish Art R9

2/20/20, Roll With Mimi R3; Awake My Soul R5; Fear R8

2/20/20, Clive Bigsby R3; Tommi Canu Hearme R5; Roar Of Approval R9
2/21/250, +Zoeez Boy Henry R6; +Slick Artist A R11; +Glenferrie Blade R11
2/24/20, +Ari Allstar R