Prospecting For Profits In Features From Four Tracks; Outsider Exotic Contenders Looking Good

Profile Picture: Frank Cotolo

January 19th, 2017

North America harness racing grinds through the new year with dozens of pari-mutuels opportunities for TwinSpires players. Our third preview blog of 2017 offers more personal harness-race features from at tracks carried by TwinSpires. Aimed at profiting on the horses most handicapping sources do not reveal to the public, we’re locked and loaded with contenders that are apt to perform better than bettors forecast.

Review our suggested features and the horses on our H2W (horses-to-watch list) for strong results in win, place, show and all exotic pools. Do your own handicapping, and then compare and consider our selections when betting.


Freehold/ Race 3
Thursday, Jan. 19

The huge 4-5 Morning Line (ML) edge for Lou Lous Princess in this trot demands defiance. These are soft conditioned performers that have questionable gaits, subject to traffic trouble anywhere along the route. As we inspect past performances more deeply than what is obvious, Fat Boy comes into focus. With a front-trotting style, “Lou” beat Fat Boy last week. Leading the pack to the stretch, Fat Boy was short at 9-1 after being off a month when he dropped into this class after two jumps in as many races. Lou did not win that race; she finished second. In the scheme of things, Fat Boy can improve on the lead or in the pocket, and take this race at a good price. His 12-1 ML would be a terrific price, especially since this race launches a Pick 3.


Freehold/ Race 7
Thursday, Jan. 19

The first start of the new year for veteran pacer Brickyard Brewer could be exceptional from post 2 in a field where the ML favorite is a debatable choice. Stepping down after a brief rest and a race undeserving of 75-1 status, Brickyard Brewer can easily take a covered spot up front or attempt and complete the mile on top. Tossing out his most recent at Freehold or giving it substantial credit considering the lack of public support, you are left with some tip-top miles, well supported, containing excuses, and two very good ones at this level. His winning would knock out many tickets in the Pick 4 that begins with this event.


Yonkers/ Race 5
Friday, Jan. 20

Fans will be lured by certain class elements to find the favorites in this conditioned affair and that should keep them away from Deuces For Charity. An outside contender, the Yonkers regular in the claiming ranks puts in a conditioned appearance after a strong but losing claimer where she was one of the top three choices. She stepped down for a tag to win a level below this and has won at this level late last year, so the loss last week can be forgiven for the sake of a strong price (ML is 9-1). A good price is a good win cash and also a good way to start this Pick 4.


Yonkers/ Race 7
Friday, Jan. 20

Tyra won at this level when putting in some work weeks at Dover. It was the third win in a row while bravely climbing the class ladder. The purses were less at Dover for this level than they are at Yonkers but that doesn’t mean Tyra—who failed but cashed stepping up after the three-race skein—is out of this affair. Yet, her ML is 8-1, suggesting the crowd will lean toward the 1 horse, Wrangler Magic (who finished second when second on our H2W list last week) and the 2, 3 and 4 horse. We’ll take Tyra as a fifth choice in a snap and support her as our first choice for a price.


Miami Valley/ Race 5
Friday, Jan. 20

Chips broke in his first Miami Valley appearance as the favorite but was not eliminated. He made a strong effort to make up ground once back on gait and was three wide attempting a late charge. That race was a minor step up after a near win at Dayton, also as favorite. What is he doing with a ML of 10-1? The ML choice is the 9 horse, Captain Greedy, who failed miserably taking a small step down as a mild favorite. Chips may wind up less than 10-1 and still worth it as an exotic key and win bet. Certainly, his foes here don’t amount to their ML values.


Meadowlands/ Race 7
Saturday, Jan. 21

How obvious is Jackson Brady in this claiming handicap? His performance in this class last week was marred by a skip in the stretch, one he recovered from and made up ground to boot. At 7-2 he was worth it in that race, so does he go off near that or even 4-1? It may be difficult to get a decent price if the crowd sees him the winner as clearly as we do. His biggest threat, in fact, is the stepping-up Ring Warrior, who was claimed last week and comes right back to earn the tag money back for the new connections. And Unix Hanover, handicapped by post 10, is to be feared as the class of the batch, which we hope will impress the crowd more than Jackson Brady. It’s Late Pick-4 time with this race, so you may want to include these three, as well as they could very well be the trifecta elements.


Meadowlands/ Race 13
Saturday, Jan. 21

What did Prince Palani do wrong last race to put in such a dull effort after three solid qualifiers? This six-year-old has inherent speed (his sire is Village Jove, a Canadian speedster) and his bad races late last year have excuses (the 9 hole at Pocono is a walk-around unless you are a mighty stakes sophomore or older). That’s not to say he will shoot for the lead here from post 8 but stranger things have happened when horses like this awaken. Prince Palani’s price will promise a big payoff and it is not so far fetched considering the lazy foes in this low-range conditioner.

H2W Legend

Review our choices and follow the wagering at the prescribed track. These are possible contenders we have judged from reviewing races. The horses’ names are listed beneath the name of the track after the date they will be racing. The race in which they are entered (R and race number) follows. If a + is in front of a horse’s name it means it is appearing on the list for the second (and last) time because it failed to win the first time it appeared. An “ae” signals the horse is entered on the also-eligible list. If a horse is listed twice, refer to the entries on the night of the race since a horse may enter in more than one race. Types of wagering on any of the H2W listed horses are based on your judgment. If you have any questions, email us at TwinSpires.


1/20/17, Northern Matador R1; Bad Mood R2; Power Off R8; +Bad Bad Boy R8

Cal Expo
1/20/17, +Eternal Grace R8; +Serious Art R9; +No Monkeys Allowed R10
1/21/17, +Gram Rules R8

1/21/17, +Onehotvett R1; +OK Gladiator R3; +Fleurje R5; +Lexis Mandy R5; +Gasciogne Dickie R5

1/23/17, Jurgen Hanover R6

1/19/17, +Rain Gauge R8

1/20/17, Givemeaminute R6
1/21/17, Cajun Beat R7

1/19/17, Portsmouth Harbor R1; +Magnum Mike R2; +Nigel Tufnel R6

1/21/17, +Wahine R1
1/23/17, +Queens Lonely Earl R2

1/20/17, +Lindys Best Yet R12
1/21/17, Bettors Edge R11; Victorydaze Willwin R12

1/21/17, ER Rudy R8; +Always Kenzer R12
1/22/17, +Final Retrieve R6; +Rocknroll Jewel R9

1/19/17, Precious R2; Sams Fortune R3; HSLB Michelle R4; Quint Largo R4

1/21/17, +Premium Attraction R8

1/22/17, +Body Double R1; King Of The Crop R3; +Screenplay R4; Free Love R10

1/21/17, Waasmula R7

1/20/17, Moveoutofmyway R1; The Spy R3; Prince Aston R8; Village Jessica R10
1/23/17, +Roll With Josie R3; +Givemeyourheart R10