Quarter Horse Racing Tracks

BetAmerica offers online betting on all the top Quarter Horse race tracks in North America.

Here is a selection of  race tracks that offer full or mixed Quarter Horse meets where BetAmerica currently offers online betting and free live video streaming:

Quarter Horse Racing

The Quarter Horse is truly an American breed. It originated in the United States in colonial times and remains the most popular breed of horse in the country with over 5 million registered Quarter Horses.

Quarter Horse racing takes place at some of the same tracks as Thoroughbred racing, either as a separate meet or on a card with Thoroughbred racing. As their name suggests, these horses excel at a quarter of a mile, and horses usually run on a straightaway track at distances between 100 and 440 yards. Some longer races are found between 550 and 1000 yards and may involve a turn. Considered America’s fastest athletes, Quarter Horses can reach speeds of 50 mph or more and showcase exciting races of pure speed.

BetAmerica offers live streaming video and online betting  on Quarter Horse tracks across North America. With content from over 55 tracks, every day brings exciting racing and wagering opportunities.