Queeny Highlights Round 3

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Kelly Clark

October 30th, 2017

After round number two just one greyhound remains undefeated, Boc’s Queen Lady, which means that the points have spread out a bit for the remaining finalists. Several greyhounds now have a win in either round 1 or 2, and if they parlay that with a big-time effort here in the quarter-finals, they could position themselves well heading on throughout the stakes. Time for the 3 rounds of action. Thirty-four greyhounds remain, 4 races, each with a chance. Let’s see just who is up for the challenge here on Monday evening, October 30th, at bestbet Jacksonville!

Round 3 of $35,000 Orange Park Derby

Monday evening, October 30th, 2017

Race 7 – Looking to rebound after a first round win, and a 2nd round 5th, Lk’s Fanciful must get room early on if she is going to have a chance to win this effort. Working for her is that her next-door neighbor, Gs Humongous will be out fast and setting the pace in this effort. Look for him to stay strong to the stretch on the lead. Fanciful chases throughout and gets the job done near the finish line. Others to watch out for her include the hot off a win last time out, and 5 of 6 in the money 660 runner, Dutch Aces Wild, and you can never count out the late effort of the former 770 track record holder, Herstal! (3-2-7-6)

Race 9 – This one might just come down to who gets out fast and wants the lead. Only two greyhounds in the field have won so far in the stakes, and each came on a front running effort. So, it looks like you get your pick of Lee Trinity and Rt Banana Foster. Both greyhounds looked tough in front early, but neither are the same when they don’t see the lead early on. Foster is a bit more of a chaser, so I give the edge to Trinity as she has more experience over the distance and has a better suited post position. This duo will not be alone early as Gs Ellice is also a strong front running threat, and everyone better pay attention late to Dutch Ranger from the outside. Not a big closer, but has enough left in the tank to take down the leaders if he is in the conversation early on. (4-6-3-7)

Race 11 – Several greyhounds in this race have a chance at the W in this effort, but we look at the recent success and that list narrows down to just a couple of greyhounds. Critics Choice is coming off a big win last time out and has the early speed that no one else in this race possess. She is posted well again midtrack and should be long gone early on for back to back W’s. Chasing the pace and trying to gain on the leader, just like in their last race, will be Businessasusual. The one box is a kind place to start, and if he breaks at all, he will factor at the finish line. Don’t sleep on the outside part of the racetrack either. Solid grade A super closer, Lee Banshee, will find his lane late and challenge, along with the 5 times in the money in her last 6 races runner that is Jack’s Jet Speed. (4-1-7-8)

Race 15 – Capping off the evening is the only unbeaten greyhound in the field. Boc’s Queen Lady looks for 3 straight wins, and I think she can get it done in this effort. No doubt the early lead will be reserved for Ww’s Jax Straw. This blazing box breaker is tough to the far turn, so much so, as she has not been beaten to that spot in 6 straight races, but she pays for it in the end as she has been run down the 3 of those 6 efforts, including both rounds of the stakes so far. Right next door to Queeny, she takes the pace, but surrenders for the third time in a row as the Queen remains supreme. On again, off again, runner CBJ Thunderbolt could have a chance at the upset here too. Winning last time out in Box to Wire Fashion from the same starting box, he has a shot, but he must break well to contend. For sure count on Dutch Casey to be in the money. With 6 straight trips in the top 4 positions at the wire, you know this closer will find a way to the superfecta somehow. (3-4-1-8)

The field will be trimmed down once again for the semi-finals which will run on Saturday evening November 4th at bestbet Jacksonville. Three fields of greyhounds will compete for the final 8 spots in the finals. So, don’t miss out on the best routers running this week at bestbet Jacksonville in the $35,000 Orange Park Derby.