Redemption Match-Up

Profile Picture: Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark

September 22nd, 2016

Another stakes race is upon us here at bestbet Jacksonville as the sprint stakes greyhounds get a chance at Redemption this coming Monday evening. Sixteen of the best greyhounds at the racetrack will be locked, loaded, and ready to fire on Monday night September 26th in the first round of the 2016 Redemption Stakes. The top 4 qualifiers in each race will move on to the finals on Saturday evening October 1st at bestbet Jacksonville. There are several top notch greyhounds in the mix, but the big battle will be between the best two at the racetrack.

Seldom Told vs. Charlie Bale. An All-American from DQ who has recently won 5 straight races, and 16 of his 22 starts, at bestbet Jacksonville will be taking on Charlie Bale who has a 6 race win streak running as we currently speak. Both greyhounds are as fast as they want to be and should look forward to a unique matchup in the finals. (That is if they both finish in the top 4, which I assume they will, in round 1.)

Seldom Told is back on track and is not only winning, but punishing fields in the process. He has won his 5 in a row by an average of 7 lengths and has stopped the clock twice near track record time (30.06, 30.18). Charlie Bale is no slouch either as he has been circling fields and driving away late for his 6 wins in a row. His average margin of victory is 6 lengths and that includes several quick trips of his own. (30.28, 30.32, 30.33)

This duo will not be alone though as several others have a chance to really get into the mix in the upcoming stakes competition. DQ also has Real Good Feelin who has 4 wins in 6 races, but so does Bl Warlock and Flying Rose. Lee Raven has 3 in a row and Kc’s Todd and Jilian of Ruckus has 2 wins showing in their last 6 efforts. Don’t sleep on stakes winner Cj’s Colin or the faster than fast threat Mc’s Melanie if they get loose and want to go.

Mark your calendars, and don’t miss out on the redemption stakes this coming week at bestbet Jacksonville. Round 1 on Monday and the Finals on Saturday evening in conjunction with our great second chance drawings.