Redemption Stakes Final

Profile Picture: Kelly Clark

Kelly Clark

October 5th, 2017

Another stakes final is on the horizon here at bestbet Jacksonville. The 2017 edition of the Redemption stakes will run on Saturday evening, October 7th, 2017 in the 11th race in conjunction with our fan favorite second chance drawings. Two fields of greyhounds went to battle in round number one and the top four finishers from each race make it into this final round race. Some old and some new names flank the ranks, but you can be sure of one thing, this is going to be an exciting final to watch, wager, and win on here at bestbet. Let’s take a closer look at the finals and see if we can get you cashing some tickets.

Finals of the Redemption Stakes

Saturday evening October 7th, 2017

Race 11 – Normally stakes races are a good mix of the best greyhounds at the racetrack, just like this one is, but every once in a while, you get an outlier to that. Tonight, is one of those occasions! Overall this is a solid field of grade A greyhounds and you can make a case for several of them to have a good shot to win on most nights, but tonight, there is only 1 winner as I see it! Yes, I did! The race here is for place. Why? Well the track record holder, Real Good Feelin, drew her best box. Sure, she has a chance to get beat, all greyhounds do in any race, but the signs are that she will come out on top in this effort. In her last 15 starts from the 8 box over 550 yards, she has won 13 times and she has never finished out of the quiniela. More importantly, she has won her last 6 races in a row wearing the tiger stripes, and I don’t expect that streak to stop in this effort. Granted she will probably not be in the lead at the break, but 3rd will be close enough, for her to dominate the second half of this race. Let watch her take home yet another win, and another stakes title, as she marches up the all-time win list toward 100. (Currently she has 91 WINS). Trying to ruin her night will be the early speeder alongside of her in this effort. Recent superstar Lk’s Black Gold is no slouch herself as she has posted up 8 wins in her last 10 races in box to wire fashion. She is extremely quick at the start and can wire fields on the lead all the way to the finish line. She can be short at times when she can’t get around cleanly, but has proven tough to be on occasion late in the race. Here even with a lead turning home, she will be no match for the raw power of Real Good Feelin in the stretch. Also pushing the pace is the impressive pup Craigie Warlock. Rocketing up to grade A as of late, this pup has put up back to back wins and three scores in his last 5 efforts against the best at the racetrack. Another breaking threat, he is not quite as short in the stretch as he counterpart in this race, but still doesn’t have the gears to run with Real Good Feelin in the open. If he gets the front end, he could make it at least interesting till the stretch. The other greyhound to not forget about in this race was the other first round winner, Kells Ferrari. All revved up and ready to go, Kells Ferrari is early speed greyhound by nature that has not missed the money in his last 7 races in a row. Winning just 2 of those starts, he needs to show up more consistent at the break, but if he gets running room to rush the turn, he too could play a factor in just who wins this race tonight. (8-6-7-4)