Round 1 of Patton Silver Cup Tonight

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Kelly Clark

February 20th, 2017

The most prestigious and valuable stakes race of the year is upon us here at bestbet Jacksonville. Of course, I am talking about the 2017 edition of the $50,000 James J Patton Silver Cup, and this time around we have 64 of the best sprinters at the racetrack vying for the cash and crown starting on Monday evening February 20th. The action continues in round 2 of February 24th, with round 3 on February 27th, and the semi-finals run on March 4th all in the evening performance. The finals of this event will take place on Saturday evening March 11th at bestbet Jacksonville in conjunction with another FANtastic promotion where we will be giving away CASH! Let’s take a closer look at the 8 races in round 1 and see if we can get you cashing some tickets, and putting some extra green in your pocket to start off the week.

Round 1 of 2017 $50,000 James J Patton Silver Cup

Monday evening February 20th, 2017

Race 4 – Out and gone early on would be a good way to describe this effort. Godzilla Who is a monster on the early lead, and from the 1 box, that is where he will be again at the start of this race. He has won 3 of his last 6 efforts and each came in box to wire fashion. With no big-time breaker, here to block him from the lead, this race could be over in an instant. Closing late to challenge will be the duo of solid grade A greyhounds Boc’s Queen Lady and Pat C Outbounds to challenge and make it interesting at the finish line. Don’t sleep on Kc’s Todd either. Even though he is just returning to A, he raw speed to burn and could be upset minded if he can beat the box at the break. (1-6-8-2)

Race 7 – Loads on consistency in this race as several greyhounds here have been it tearing it up around the racetrack as of late. Going with the hot hand, Lee Raven seems like the one to beat. With back to back wins, both from right where she is starting this race from, she is ready for all comers and boasts a 6 race in the trifecta streak to boot. Out close, she will prove unstoppable late. Making her work for sure will be the early speed stylings of Bgr Yosemite Sam from the rail and Ln Michaels from the outside. Both greyhounds possess early speed and could see the front end at the start of this race. With some help, they could be box to wire winners, if they can outlast Lee Raven at the wire. All better be wary of Ww Speed Train late as this closer has yet to miss the money in 6 straight and can come from well off the pace to threaten. (6-1-8-7)

Race 9 – It’s a stakes race so you must like Ww’s Sammy’s chance to win a round or two. She always shows up in the stakes and get a great starting box near the rail in this effort. She is a monster once she gets her nose in front and I think she can do that in this effort. Sure, she will be challenged, but experience gets her the W this time out. Impressive upstart Js Armdndangerus will probably be the favorite to win though. With 4 wins in 6 starts showing, it’s tough to rule he out of the win. He has blazing speed and can wire a field on the lead. If he gets the hole shot on Sammy, he will be the one to beat. Watch out for the other greyhounds here that could take everyone down. Gs Mad Mudder has won back to back races and has some good early speed to flaunt as well, and don’t forget about the resurging closer and former stakes finalist Easi Charlie. (3-6-5-7)

Race 10 – Tough to pick against a greyhound that has won 3 in a row and 4 of her last 5 starts, so I won’t. Ln Sugar is tasting the success of her sweet break, and gets another inside post to try and continue the run. She easily has the best speed of the bunch tonight again and I expect her to control this race throughout. Pushing the pace will be the veteran Boc’s Andross. A great stalking closer, he will be around the lead for the duration of this race and make the leader work for the win. Don’t count out the solid grade A Lk’s Freestar from the rail, or the tough if I’m close early upstart Ww next Bigthing from a good middle post position. (3-6-1-4)

Race 11 – Wide open race here where almost anyone can win. Only a couple of solid grade A’s and only one greyhound has a grade A win showing. So, I go with the hot hand and greyhound that put up an impressive time. Karla Of Ruckus likes the outside post and has done well against tougher fields before. She is hot off a W, that got her back to grade A, and that 30.59 second romp last time out is hard to ignore. If she breaks like she can, she will be tough to catch tonight. Trying their best to upset the apple cart will be the well posted solid grade A Superior Hearns, and always closing late trying puppy Boc’s All I Got, and the quickest greyhound in this field recently Blutoo Mmmskippy. (7-1-5-8)

Race 12 – Lots of closer and no early speeders should make this race very interesting to pick and watch come Monday evening. That sets up well for Flying rose in this effort. Granted this is not the best post for a rail runner, but I think she easily outbreaks everyone in this field and will be free running on the lead at the start of this effort. Granted there are several greyhounds that will be coming on strong in the stretch, but I think she steals enough early to hold on late for the victory. Making up ground throughout will be the ship in Seeking Tim. This grade AA winner at Tri-State is as fast as he wants to be and if he clears early, he might be able to get up and take away the win. Kanes Mini is always in the money, well at least in 6 straight races, and will be again from an advantageous post position. Not suited for 550, the 660 monster Lk’s Centuria could upset them all if she can find the timing on her break at 550 like she can do over 660. We’ll have to see if she can step up at this distance as well. (5-2-7-3)

Race 13 – He might have been gone for a bit, but the return of BL Warlock is here and the one box will be the difference maker for him in this effort. Finding his groove again as of late, eh has started to close again, but the break will improve in this race, he must work hard to win though and will most likely have to catch Pat C Cozy if he wants to finish in the top spot at the wire. Cozy is a talented pup that has 11 trifectas in 13 races. She brings blazing early speed to the mix, but is short late and has been rundown from behind in 4 straight trips. A threat throughout for sure, but winning might be a tough nut for her to crack. Track record holder Kmz Kraken is in this race as well, and if she can stay clear early, she will have a run at them in the stretch. She is a big time closer that can get loose on occasion and dominate fields. The post could help, watch for her to make her mark at the finish. Don’t forget about Ww Standardissue either. This greyhound has the skills to win tonight too. The post might be the biggest thing that hinders her in this one. (1-3-7-6)

Race 15 – The hottest greyhound at the racetrack gets a chance to keep up the good work in the last race on the card. Real Good Feelin has won 4 of her last 5 starts and finished 2nd or better in 6 straight races. With or without the early lead, Feelin is a monster and can post up a win from almost anywhere on the racetrack. The post doesn’t matter, but in this effort, she might be running from behind at the start. There are several good early speed greyhounds here, but none that will be able to hold her off at the wire. Look for her to do what she needs to do to win. Pushing the early pace will be the edges in this race as Kali Of Ruckus and Ww’s Lost Girl have the chops to get their nose in front at the start of this effort. Both have had success as of late, but each could be caught in the right circumstances. Look for them to be in the hunt from start to finish again here. Sheezsohot also gets a nod as the solid grade A closer that always gets up into the money at the wire. With 4 of her last 5 races in the money, expect more of the same in this effort. (4-8-1-7)