ROUND 1 of Southland's $20,000 IRON DOG CHALLENGE STAKES Highlights Sunday's Schedule

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MoneyMaker Mike

February 5th, 2017

Highlighting Sunday's greyhound schedule at Southland will be the running of the first round of IRON DOG CHALLENGE Stakes competition. The preliminary round was run this past Wednesday and the top four finishers  from each of the two races will meet in race 13 in Round 1 on Sunday. I have listed the greyhounds and their starting box position below for this most interesting stakes competition which will have the greyhounds showing their talents by running over 3 different distances at the West Memphis track. Before this stakes contest started I selected 4 greyhounds from the 14 who were entered that I thought had the best chance of winning this stakes competition and I've listed those in bold as well as my choice of the champion. Best of luck to all the greyhounds as they battle paw to paw to claim the IRON DOG CHALLENGE title. The Finals will be held on Friday, February 24 and I will continue to update the progress of these talented runners as the contest moves along. It is sure to be an exciting three rounds of racing.
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Race 13 - 583 yard course - Grade SAA

BGR Z Z TOP - box 1 XKT JON SCHNABEL - box 2 BARTS GIRL - box 3 KELSOS KILLER - box 4 BRASKA DALE - box 5 - my pick to win the title TNT YUKON GOLD - box 6 PJ IAINTMADATYOU - box 7 KL'S FINN - box 8