Round 1 of the 2017 Southland $25,000 HOUND MADNESS STAKES is in the Books

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MoneyMaker Mike

March 6th, 2017

Sunday's program at Southland was highlighted by Round 1 of the $25,000 HOUND MADNESS STAKES as 64 talented and hard running greyhounds took to the track in their hopes of being crowned the winner. There were 8 stakes races and the field has now been reduced to 32. The biggest surprise of the first round in my opinion was that OAKS MADDY, winner of the 2017 BETAMERICA DAYTONA 550 Championship held a little over a month ago, has been eliminated after encountering early trouble and colliding on the 1st turn. As many racing fans know, this very exciting stakes competition is a head to head matchup where greyhounds must finished ahead of the dog they are bracketed against. There are sure to be many more surprises as this stakes contest continues on to the Finals. Round 2 is scheduled for Saturday, March 11 which will reduce the field down to 16 so stay tuned for many more intense and exciting paw to paw to battles in the quest to crown a champion. I will try and have the updated brackets posted before Round 2 commences.  Congratulations to all the greyhounds who advanced and to all their connections as well.
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Round 1 - Sunday, March 5 - field of 64 Round 2 - Saturday, March 11 - field of 32 Round 3 - Friday, March 17 - field of 16 Round 4 - Wednesday, March 22 - field of 8 Round 5 - Sunday, March 26 - field of 4

FINALS - Friday, March 31 - field of 2