Round 2 of $50,000 Orange Park Derby Tonight

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Kelly Clark

October 28th, 2016

The second round of the 2016 $50,000 Orange Park Derby is upon us and everyone gets another chance to score some much needed points so that they can have a chance to move on to the Quarter-Finals. Loads on talent on tap as the big winners look to continue their dominance. Can DQ wins a pair, or more, again? Will someone steal away a double digit win again in round 2? Can the closers keep stealing away wins at the wire, or will the early speeders get a chance at redemption here? All these questions and more will be revealed on Friday evening October 28th at bestbet Jacksonville.

Let’s take a closer look at the 6 remaining stakes races and see if we can get you cashing some tickets again on Friday evening.
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Round 2 of Orange Park Derby - Friday evening October 28th, 2016

Race 4 – SEVEN GREYHOUND RACE – For this one the 5 box will be left open as one greyhound has been scratched from the competition. Here we get a great match-up between two first round winners, Kk Whitezin and Pat C Outbounds. Both greyhounds can close hard late in the race, but if they want to put up back to back jacks, they are going to have to run down some talented early speeders. Here the nod goes to Whitezin. Experience plays a big role, she is the only returning finalist from last year’s race in the rounds and she also was a finalist in the 2016 bestbet Derby, but that is not the only thing that will help her out in this race. She gets extra room from the start with the empty box next door and of course there is that late speed kick. She can come on with the best of them and that is just what she will do late in this race. If she can win in two straight, she has an inside track for the finals once again. Not to be outdone, Pat C Outbounds will look for her second win in a row. Like Whitezin, Outbounds loves to closer over any distance, but has a bit more of break at the start of the race. She has wired fields on the lead before and a quick start could get her home a winner once again. With or without the lead, she will be a force at the wire tonight. Both will have to caught someone and that distinction should lie with either So Typical, from a great 1 box, or Lk’s Feastival. Both have enough early to see the lead at the start of this effort, but both are short late, just look at round 1, and both could finish out of the money even at the wire. Here though, I like for them to duel to the stretch on the front end and get picked up late for a spot in the cash at the wire. (4-3-1-7)

Race 7 – The quickest of the quick heads to post in this race, and if he breaks like he did last time out, it will be another runaway victory. Barts Risingstar not only beat a top field of greyhounds in round 1, he punished them. Crossing almost 13 lengths better than the rest, his 37.26 clocking was the best in the stakes so far. From the same 5 box he had last time out, and with only one other greyhound with true early speed in the race, he will be too close too early, and that equals another victory. Speaking of early speed, the greyhound that has it is the converted router Gs Hal. Hal has taken to the 660 course well and has flashed some early foot in just a few attempts over the added distance. He is right next door to Risingstar in this effort and could lead the way for the majority of this race. Run down last time out with the late lead, I think the trend continues on tonight. Island Magic came back home to trainer Mike Gerard from Tri-State and has shown to be pretty solid over 660 herself. Just missing in round 1, I know she finished 3rd, but she was just a length off of the win, she has gears to burn late and another solid post position here. If she gets around closer, which she will, I’m sure you will see her finish in the money for the 6th time in a row over this distance. The other one to worry about is the 770 track record holder Herstal. If she can get out of the starting box, she will be a threat in this effort. Never a doubt about her closing ability, sometimes she just waits too long to get revved up. Here if she wants to win, she needs to improve on her early stages of the race efforts. Otherwise, a solid play under on your tickets. (5-4-2-6)

Race 9 – No doubt about the lead in this effort as the ankle burning threat C Ville Clone will come to run from the get go. Just like in round number 1, she will fire out fast and lead for the majority of this effort. Holding on for the win is a monumental task for her as she is so short late, but with a little help behind she might have a shot at the upset. I don’t think so! LOL! Clearly it will be up to the stalkers and the closers to dive by late and complete the spots at the top for the finish ladder at the wire. Skiddy Flicker leads that effort. Just missing in round 1, where she saw her 4 race win streak snapped, Flicker looks to make amends from a great 8 box in this race. Breaking is the key to her success and even without the front end, she will push the pace throughout and still have enough left late to outlast the leader at the wire as she steals away 19 points. Another greyhound trying to grab the flag late will be Blutoocapncrunch who also just missed out in round 1 of the stakes. This big time closer will come from way, way, way off the pace and will make it very interesting at the finish line. With 5 quiniela finishes in a row, you cannot count him out in this effort. Don’t sleep on LK’s Centuria either. This greyhound has won multiple grade A races over 660 and could get her groove back in this race. Not getting a clean run at the start last time out saw her finish 4th in round 1, but that could easily improve if she gets loose early on. A big break is needed, and if she pulls it off, a big upset could be the return. (8-4-7-5)

Race 10 – Another heated affair up front, this race could be a barn burner from the get go. Several greyhounds have a chance to get out close early on, but only come of those will be able to come out on top at the wire. Kiss This is the clear choice in my opinion. Putting up a dominate performance in round 1, Kiss This rush quickly to the lead and never looked back. Increasing her margin throughout she crossed almost 10 lengths better than the rest. Tonight I don’t know if it will be 10 or not from another outside post position, but she will be the best in the stretch and take home back to back victories. Trying to ruin the best laid plans will be Pat C Fracking. A back to back winner heading into the rounds, Fracking is tough when close to the early lead and can last late or come from just off the pace and get the job done at the end of the race. Posted well inside tonight, Fracking should give his all again and be right there in the mix at the wire. Both greyhound will more than likely have to catch Boc’s Luigi if they want to put up the big time W. This early speed machine over the route is back and put that on display in round 1 of the stakes. Chasing the pace from start to finish, she was outgamed late, and you get more of the same in this one. No one really to challenge her early, she pushes the front end all the way to the stretch before she drifts back into the lower parts of the superfecta at the wire. Once again I will not leave out Atascocita Warm. The 1 box specialist might have had a shot at even winning last time out if she could have got through in the far turn, but here she gets another chance. She LOVES this post and is extremely tough wearing red. If she clears, she could be the longshot winner that the price seeker is looking for in round number 2. (6-3-1-4)

Race 13 – Now for the lock of the weekend. SELDOM TOLD in the 2 box. We all though this greyhound could run 660 well and he has not disappointed his backers. Winning 4 in a row over the route, including a 9 length victory in round 1 of the stakes, Seldom Told is a monster no matter the distance. With 23 wins in 30 starts at bestbet, this All-American is a man amongst boys and looks to continue his hot streak from a favorable inside post position. From the front, or from off the pace, he can get it done and throws up back to the DQ 660 greyhounds of old that used to rule the roost. Even though there are some talented greyhounds in this field, he is just a class above and should show off his talents once again tonight. Running for next best will the battling pair of Lee Trinity and Pat C Dashboard. Both greyhounds did well in round number one and finished in second place at the wire. Trinity gets a little bit of the edge here as she was the one that was behind Seldom Told last time out. Dashboard had the distinction of being next best behind Barts Risingstar, but both were never really a threat to the winners in those trips. Both have been in the money a bunch recently and both can run from the midtrack to wide posts. Trinity is more early speed and Dashboard is more of a closer, so the difference in style could come into play if either encounter trouble in this effort. Flip em like you like em, they should be rounding out the next level at the wire in this race. Watch out for Ima Little Crazy as well. This hot and cold runner finished out of the money after encountering trouble in round 1. Here the 1 box will make up for that, and it is hard to ignore his last trip from there as he burst out fast and wired a grade B field for the win. This is not grade B, but if he does hit the lid, he might have enough to see a spot in the money at the finish line. (2-5-6-1)

Race 15 – We end the evening on the most even stakes race on the card. Several greyhounds have a good shot at winning this one and none of them scored in round 1 of the stakes. The best we have here is a pair of second place finished and they might not even be the ones that come out as the favorite in this effort. C Ville Hope gets my golden ticket tonight. Posted well inside, Hope should find her break and that will make a world of difference for her in this effort. No early speed anywhere around her, she should be unabated to the lead from the inside part of the racetrack in this effort. Once in front, she is way too tough to run town. For jeepers sake, she went box to wire in a marathon race in grade A from this very same post position. If she comes to run, she easily takes home the top spot at the wire tonight. Greyhounds that will challenge, did so in their last outing as well. Easi Turner and Lee Sally both just missed in their respective first round races and look to climb another rung on the ladder in this one. Turner is more of a stalking presence and will be around the lead throughout, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will finish ahead of Lee Sally. Sally is a tremendous closer that can come from well off the pace to challenge at the wire for the win. Just look at her last race if you need an example. Both are talented and will be a factor at the finish line tonight. If one clears early, either could pull off the upset in my opinion. Cp’s Countessamy might be on the outside looking in, but you have to respect the early speed in a race void of a true breaking greyhound. She is posted well outside, and easily could see the front end in this race if she pops the box. She is short late and will be again tonight, but a 2nd 3rd or 4th, beats the heck out of another 7th place finish. (2-4-3-8)

The Quarter-Finals of the 2016 $50,000 Orange Park Derby will run on Monday evening October 31st at bestbet Jacksonville. The field will be trimmed down from 6 races to 4 races as the best of the best continue their journey toward their ultimate goal, the cash and crown in the finals. Mark your calendars, grab your friends, and make your plans to join us for our Orange Park Derby races over the next couple of weeks.