Same Post, Different Winners

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Kelly Clark

May 11th, 2017

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In the past few weeks we not only had one stakes race to tout, we had two of them to watch, wager, and win on here at bestbet Jacksonville. It’s was time for the best 770 yard greyhounds around to compete, and even get another chance at victory in our Marathon Duel Redue stakes. You see the top 16 marathoners ran a qualifying round on Monday April 24th, with the top 4 greyhounds from each race moving on to the finals on Saturday evening April 29th at bestbet Jacksonville. That was race totally exciting, but that was not the end of it. Everyone got another chance to play as we put the same greyhounds, back in the same posts, and ran the race again in the 2nd final on Saturday evening May 6th. Did the outcome remain the same? Did someone score back to back wins? Or, did we have a totally different order of finish at the wire? Keep reading and you will find out just what transpired in both finals here at bestbet Jacksonville.

In the first final the field was set and ready to go from the start. The lure breezed by, the box opened, and everyone came to run. It was a mad rush from the start and several greyhounds were in contention from the get go. Clearly the one to catch though was Dutch Reagan. Seizing the front end, he was in command from just a few strides out of the starting box and was going to make whoever wanted to win this effort, work hard to get the job done. As they went down the backside and around the turn, Jurassic Bark and Pat C Galaxy chased the game pace with Boc’s Queen Lady in close contention. Around the turn, they went and the order stayed the same. This chase pack was doing their best to catch up the leader, but Reagan proved determined on the front end and clung to the short margin up front. Breezing around the escape turn, down the backside, and to the far turn, the field went, and by the far turn it was getting really interesting up front. The field had caught up to the leader and it was anyone’s race on the way home. This one was going to come down to who wanted it more in the stretch. As the leader was passed, everyone made a last-ditch effort to seal the deal. Putting on her man pants was Pat C Galaxy. Head to head, nose to nose, she went after the front end and in the end, no one was going to prove better than her at the wire. Try as they might, no one could overcome her heart. Just missing in second with a gallant effort was Jurassic Bark. Bark battled as well, but in the end, came up just short of the win. Kudos for third as the track record holder, made up for getting outrushed early, and finding no room, to clear and come a running late in the race to challenge. From 8th early on, and 6th at the far turn, Herstal out closed the rest and stole away show at the wire. C Ville Hope also came on strong late for 4th as the early chaser Boc’s Queen Lady was ousted for a money spot and had to settle for 5th. Early leader Dutch Reagan finished 6th, followed by Fiesta Bonker in 7th and Good Luckchigger in 8th.

One week later, Pat C Galaxy got another chance to put up a stakes victory from the same post position, and early on, it appeared that she was up to the task. Breaking well, she took over early control of the 2nd final over 770 yards, that was the good news. The bad news? Well track record holder Herstal broke 3rd and was way to close too early not to be considered a threat to win the race. As they rounded the early turn, Galaxy was in easy control of the race, but was being pressed by Boc’s Queen Lady while Herstal and Jurassic Bark chased from a few more lengths behind the leaders. The lead duo continued to set the pace and push the lead down the frontside and through the escape turn, but by the far turn things were a changing. Herstal had made a great move into second at the far turn and then set her sights on the leader as they turned for home. Digging in deep, and shifting gears, the track record holder found something left in her bag of tricks as she hit the gas down the stretch and not only took over command of the race on the rail, she drew away in the final strides for a convincing victory. Props to Pat C Galaxy as she might have gotten the job done if anyone else was chasing her late, but settling for place to the track record holder after winning the first final, still sounds like a very good night. Third was seized by Good Luckchigger who make up ground throughout and outdrove all the rest to the wire. Fourth was the always closing threat Fiesta Bonker. Early contenders faded back late as Jurassic Bark was 5th, and the always pressing to the far turn runner Boc’s Queen Lady for 6th. Completed the field was Dutch Reagan in 7th and C Ville Hope was scratched.

Congratulations to the newcomer Pat C Galaxy, owner Pat Collins, Trainer Scott Jarvis, and everyone else connected with this fantastic looking pup. Also, congratulation to the veteran, and former 770 stakes winner and track record holder, Herstal for yet another stakes win! Kudos head out to the Clear Lake Racing Kennel, Trainer Jim Rae, owners Bob Hardison and Hamilton, and everyone else connected to her success. Both greyhounds can run not only 770, but 660 too, and there are still a couple of stakes events left in the year that they might already have their eyes on. Good Luck in the future and keep a lookout for what else these fantastic greyhounds can do here at bestbet Jacksonville.