Saratoga Day 2: Now with more numbers than any other grid

Profile Picture: Ed DeRosa

Ed DeRosa

July 20th, 2013

Despite going four-for-six on my lone "A" picks yesterday, I needed the last race single to bail me out after flaming out early in the late Pick 4 and only managing to break even on a BAAB result on the early.

The Saturday, July 20, card is no picnic, and I'll be needing mostly "A" horses to win for me to win, as I'd need a second mortgage to bet all the possible combinations from the grid below.

That's the competitiveness of Saratoga, though. When I see a grid like that after intensive handicapping, I don't get scared but excited. The key is just demanding a price, and that's why race 5 is particularly interesting to me. I've made the 11 a lone "A" and the 4-to-1 morning line price would be fair, but the one at 30-to-1 also intrigues.

You can't bet them all, but you can bet all the overlays. Even when they all look good--as many do today--fair prices will come up, and that's when you strike.