Saratoga Race Course Opening Day Selections

Profile Picture: Ed DeRosa

Ed DeRosa

July 24th, 2015

There are tracks I like to visit more than Saratoga, and there are big days that I enjoy more than the biggest days at Saratoga, but there is no better race meeting day in and day out in America than Saratoga Race Course, which opens its 40-day summer stand today.

It's a tough card that features no single "A" picks on my grid, but as Andy Serling said during the preview show, "Saratoga more than any other track is a place where you want to pay attention to the overlays," and that is the approach I'll take today by trying to hook up my "A" picks in the multis and taking some stabs based on win price (e.g. the longest-price "A" or a "B" [or even a "C"] who is a giant price).

More specifically, though, the horses I'm most interested in their prices are #9 Corinthian's Joy in race 2, #4 Little Mary Ellen in race 3, #1 Decked Out in race 4, #1 The Tea Cups in race 7, and #3 Jellicle Ball in race 9.