Scioto Wins, $28, $20, Cold Exacta $51; Northfield Hits

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May 30th, 2020

Let’s get back to our Update blogs, reviewing our hits and misses from the return of the 2020 harness season that featured Scioto and Northfield.

And, we add an update to our horses-to-watch list (H2W) for Northfield’s June 1 and June 2 programs

Friday, May 22

We offered four selected features on the first program at Scioto. For all the want and worry about handicapping and betting on entire fields coming from layoffs, the public was bright and right.

We scored with two winners. In the first race the public joined us in backing Duck Duck Dragon ($4.40, $3.00, $2.60). We were third with MR Radar Girl ($2.60).

Our second winner went off around 9-2 but won in a dead heat with the race favorite. Eye Ofa Tiger AS ($5.40, $5.40, $3.80 ok) paid at 9-5 for sharing the top spot.

We finished third in another feature with Up Front Flor Ida ($3.80), and Beach Bar (6-1) got seventh as the public cashed a winner.

Westsluckycam (2-1) was a favorite the public agreed with us to win but the second- and third choices won the place and win spots, respectively while we finished fourth.

Saturday, May 23

Scioto shone for us on this program with our contenders in one of three selected features. It was a cold exacta, headed by Mosee Terror ($20.60, $7.40, $5.00) and completed with Totally Kissed ($4.20, $3.80). The dollar exacta paid $51.10.

Selected feature two brought a third by Oberlin ($2.80), with Hell On Wheels (5-2) fourth and Sonofa Sizzle (30-1) seventh.

Our last shot was The Dark Shadow (3-1), getting fourth.

Tuesday, May 26

Northfield was barren for our contenders on this program. The closest we came to being on the board was Carolina Beach ($2.40, $2.20), with Barley Up (66-1) finishing ninth in that field.

The public was super sharp in each of our selected features. In order of finishing positions, our suggestions posted Foundonabeach (17-1), Some More Prince (40-1) and Bait A Hook (3-1) fourth; Starry Nite Teen (34-1) fifth; Finish Line (18-1) sixth; and Odyssey Bluechip (19-1) eighth.

Wednesday, May 27

Northfield opened and we offered three features. Our first contender, Maximum Credit, scratched and our other choice in that field, Ult Hanover (4-1), finished fourth.

When the favorite won the second of our features, we placed to complete an $11.20 exacta with Archetto Hanover ($2.80, $2.20).

The public’s second choice won our third feature, beating our contenders, Grapes Cherry (12-1) and Mykindanight (86-1), eighth.

On the H2W we scored with Mego Moss ($28.60, $7.00, $4.00).

Thursday, May 28

A triptych of features at Scioto brought us two winners: Madelines Craycray ($13.00, $7.00, $3.60) and AJ Corbelli ($4.80, 3.00, $2.60).

Elsewhere on the program, Artful Dancer ($2.80) was third; Mountain High (14-1) fifth; Crowntime Pet (54-1) sixth; and Beautiful Beach (87-1) eighth.

Friday, May 29

A pair of selected features were our focus at Scioto. In the first, won by a 3-1 shot, we finished eighth with Away My Baby (40-1). In the other we were third with 36-1 Westsluckycam ($9.20). Blue Ivy scratched.

In the H2W list, we won with:

Mighty Cowboy ($11.80, $4.40, $2.60)
Heidis Heart ($14.00, $5.20, $3.20)

Saturday, May 30

The single feature at Scioto found The Dark Shadow (5-1) finishing fourth to the winner at 9-2.

Over at Northfield, Cheyenne Zone (14-1) finished eighth to the 2-1 winner. Then, Shadows Mystery, an also-eligible, did not get into the race.


The H2W results list across-the-board prices. Also, exactas listed are included when a H2W horse finishes second with a race favorite or the first two finishers making up the exacta are H2W horses (an asterisk appears when both horses were listed to complete a cold exacta). The note “ok” determines that prices published are correct even when a show price exceeds a place price or any or all of the prices are the same. This week, there were 11 active horses (a 1-percent win hit rate and a 27-percent ATB [across-the-board] hit rate).

6/1/20, +Carolina Beach R10; +Starry Nite Teen R13; +Finish Line R14; +Barley Up R15
6/2/20, +Foundonabeach R9; +Odyssey Bluechip R9; +After Market R13; +Bait A Hook R14

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