Season Track Championship at Palm Beach

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Jason Michael

June 16th, 2015


2014 Champ - Kb's Like A Fox

Who in the world wants to win this thing?

With just two weeks left in the racing season at Palm Beach, the question on everybody's mind is....who is going to take the season championship for wins here?  It is much more crowded at the top then it has been in recent years and the possibilities are many for what can happen.  Lets see how the standings look at the beginning of racing today on 6/16:
  • 1st. JS SpeedyPebbles (Koppe, Staats & Collins) ~24 wins
  • 1st. Kb's Like A Fox (Rader Racing) ~ 24 wins
  • 1st. Hustle It Up (Janie Carroll Kennel)  ~ 24 wins
  • 4th. Java Beretta ( Champions Racing Team) ~ 22 wins
  • 5th. Pat C Short Cut (Koppe, Staats & Collins) ~ 21 wins

Last year at this time, the Championship was all wrapped up because Like A Fox went bananas and won a ridiculous 37 times over the season stretch.  Obviously this year is much more complicated.  There is no current tie breaker for this Championship, which may need to be changed if there is indeed a tie after this is all said and done.  There is a small chance that there could be a 5 way tie at the end of all this!  For that to be a possibility after 363 days of racing just shows how competitive this season has been.

Here is what each racer needs to do to grab a piece of this coveted title:


JS SpeedyPebbles

"The Queen of Palm Beach" is coming off an extended rest for this final push at the end of the season.  After meeting with her Team this past week in West Palm Beach, I can tell you that they are all in to win this Championship.  She will get at least 3 more starts before the season ends.  If she can win at least 2 of them, I think that would be enough.  There would be a worldwide celebration (literally) if Pebbles can pull this off.  She'll get her first chance today in the finale 15th out of the 5 box.


Kb's Like A Fox

The season champion from last year is the best super sprinter this track has ever seen without a doubt.  62 career victories and is heating up at the right time.  Coming off two straight W's, "The Fox" will also get at least 3 starts to take another Title to the top Kennel here in Rader Racing, starting today in Race 4. Will attempt to become only the fourth champion to repeat since Palm Beach started this Championship in 1976 (He's My Man 1988-1989, DV's Midnight 2003-2004 & Ozzie The Man 2005-2006.)


Hustle It Up

Is unfortunately done for the rest of this season. If Hustle stays healthy,  this chase would be over already because she was the most consistent racer of any of these contenders all year.  The only way she can grab a piece of this Championship is if Pebbles & Fox falter down the homestretch.  This is a greyhound to keep your eye on next year because the talent is off the charts.


Java Beretta

Threw his hat in the ring after getting his 22nd win yesterday.  Probably only gets two more starts to end this season, so a tie is more then likely the best that Beretta can win for his Team.  Outstanding season for Beretta none the less.


Pat C Short Cut

Now you probably looked at the standings and thought how can he catch up, he's three behind!  Well Short Cut will get the most starts out of this bunch because he's guaranteed a start in Wednesday's Matinee 15th, plus will get an invitation to the Fathers Day Feature Race on Sunday.  Add in another few starts before the season ends June 30th and Short Cut could get up to 4 calls to the starting box before July hits if his Kennel chooses to do so.  This is the #1 racer going right now and possibly could steal this if all the others aren't on their game.



I wrote a preview at the beginning of the season that said this was going to come down to Like A Fox & Pebbles. I had SpeedyPebbles winning the whole thing and I'm sticking with that prediction.  Whatever happens, just please no ties!

Who do you think wins it all? Tweet your predictions to me at @JasonPalmBeach on Twitter, or on Facebook at Palm Beach Jason.

Enjoy the exciting end of the season action race fans at "The Beach."