Seldom Told Highlights Feature Races

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Kelly Clark

January 6th, 2017

Another great weekend ahead of us here at bestbet Jacksonville. Loads of great talent on tap and we have a little bit of something for everyone this weekend. Whether you like early speeders, closers, stalkers, tail gate runners, 550 races, 660 races, up and comers, cagey veterans, or even All-Americans, we have you covered here at bestbet. Let’s take a closer look at the feature races for the weekend and see if we can get you cashing some tickets here at bestbet.

Friday January 6th, 2017

Race 7 – It’s a good mix of everything that we talked about in the opener. Here puppy power should rule as upstart BGR Yosemite Sam looks for his first grade A win. This pup has mad skills, draws a good inside post and should do what needs to be done to win. Pushing the early pace will be the ankle burner Arkans Funnel, but she will have a hard time holding on late. Holiday 660 winner Easi Ted is back over 550 and will be a late closing threat, and don’t sleep on O Ya Gunsmoke wither. This stalker has 6 straight supers and loves the outside post. (2-3-8-5)

Race 10 – Tough to pick against a greyhound that has won 5 of 6 races, so I won’t. Clearly Real Good Feelin is the greyhound to beat in this race, and even though she might not be in the front early on, late she will take down anyone to get the job done. Her only demise here might be the 5 box. If she wants to win she will need to catch the solid grade A early speeders Ln Sugar and Rams Moberrie. Both could wire this field on the early lead, but need to get there in a hurry if they want to upset tonight. Ship in Wiki Jax Attack has the resume of a big-time threat, he just needs to prove it here. Tonight, could be the night. (5-3-4-1)

Race 11 – Easy pickins in this one! Seldom Told is the best greyhound at the racetrack, and once again, he gets his best starting box. Look for him to break close, clear early, and race off alone for yet another victory. If he gets it done, this would be his 74-career victory. Next best should be a heated battle between the great rushing Flying Rose, the former puppy stakes winner Pullanallnighter, and the ship in from Tri-State Seeking Tim. All could upset if something goes wrong on the outside, but expect to play them under Told on your tickets and cash! (8-7-3-2)

Race 15 – Over to 660 for this one and we get an influx of talent as the bestbet Derby is starting right around the corner. A bunch of greyhounds are trying their luck over the route and we should get to see if they can do it or not in the coming weeks. Here let’s stick with the 660 vets. Posted well, and with former stakes experience, Gs Hal should be the one to beat. He has a great break and rush, will come to run early again here, and will hold on late for the win. Pushing the pace should be the always stalking runner Lee Trinity, along with the steady pace threat Omega Point. Forget the last effort by Pat C Randolph too. From a better post and without the trouble, he could be upset minded in red tonight. (5-2-6-1)

Saturday January 7th, 2017

Matinee – 11th race – Early speed is the key to success in the matinees and this race doesn’t disappoint in that category. Loads of early speed between impressive upstart Ln Michaels and Southland ship in Cj’s Mack, and either could get the job done if they get away from the rest of the field early on. Unfortunately, they will not be alone though as solid grade A chaser Lk’s Freestar will be lurking from a good inside post, as well as, Gs Humongous who has been in the quinilea in 5 of his last 6 efforts. If the mood suits them, any of these greyhounds could be up to win this effort. (8-3-2-4)

Evening – 7th race – I know it’s the wrong box, but Ww’s Sammy has been so hot as of late, I think she can find room to get inside early and make quick work of this field. Helping is that the 7 sits in the box and the 4, 5 & 6 will also be headed that way early. With room, she is easily the best in this field, and will prove it, even from a tough post position for her. Doing their all to try and beat Sammy, and they could if she gets hung up and can’t get to the rail, will be the stalking greyhounds Kanes Mini, Gs Viola, and Lee Utah. All three has enough early to be dangerous and enough late to hold on if they get away from the rest. They all like their posts, and should be a factor through in the money in this effort. (8-2-5-3)

Evening – 11th race – Back to 660 again and the fastest greyhound over the last 20 years at 660 gets his best box. Barts Risingstar was the runner up in the finals of the Orange Park Derby and gets his best box here in the 1. He is a different greyhound on the rail. He will break from here, and once clear, no lead is safe. This will be a tough win, but I think he can get it done. The one to beat? Lk’s Centuria. With 4 wins in 5 races, including her last 2 in a row, this box to wire machine, might just do it again. She will be tough to beat, but if anyone can get it done, its Risingstar. Don’t overlook the cagey veteran of many 660 stakes finals KK Whitezin, and keep an eye out for the C Ville Kree. Coming into her own now, she might just like the longer distance. (4-1-7-3)

Evening – Race 15 – Staying at 660, we get 1 more big time race to bet on. Here it looks like Pat Collins is the one to beat. Pat C Outbounds was the puppy stakes winner that transitioned nicely to 660 yards. She competed well and has since moved back to 550. Rested and ready to go, look for a big strong effort here, especially from the outside post position. Pat C Dashboard is looking to not be outdone as well tonight. Hot off a win in grade A, and 5 of 6 efforts in the money, Dashboard will use the great post and try for back to back jacks tonight. Speaking of back to back, Hustle It Upgirl from DQ has done that as well, but her’s came in grade C and B. Now amongst the big dogs can she keep it going? We will see. Don’t forget about Ww Great Wall either. This greyhound has not missed the money in 5 straight over 660 yards, including a pair of wins. Always close, she challenges again tonight. (7-3-6-5)

Sunday January 8th, 2017

Race 11 – Capping off the weekend, the third big greyhound from DQ gets back into action. Hey Daddy won the sprint stakes last year and appears to be back in form now. He won his warm up race by almost 15 lengths, and even though it’s the 5 box, it will not stop him. He has a solid break, a great rush, and speed to burn coming home. Today in his return, he will be a tough out. Beaching won’t make it easy for him though. She has won back to back races herself and gets another good post position here in the 2 box. If she comes to run early, she will make it interesting to watch. Solid grade A Gs Valor will be around as well, she always is, just look at her lines. With 6 of 7 in the money, expect the same, and watch out for Ww’s Lost Girl too. She is arguably the best breaker in this field, when she wants to be, and could upset them all on the lead if she gets some help behind her. (5-2-7-3)