Seldom Told You So!

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Kelly Clark

November 18th, 2016

The 2016 edition of the $50,000 Orange Park Derby was chalked full of talent, and each one of the finalists could have seen their dreams come true on Saturday evening November 12th at bestbet Jacksonville. Half of the field had won 2 or more rounds in qualifying and you had to score a victory just to get an invitation to the final round party. Loads of different styles were on display, you know, breakers, rushes, closers and 770 tailgate runners, but like we all know, sometimes it comes down to just who wants it more. In this final round race, that is just what happened.

Rusty rumbled down the backside and flew by the 660 box in the 11th race, and as it came open, and the field came out, it was race favorite Seldom Told that seized control from the start. Right in his hip pocket was Pat C Fracking and super closer Barts Risingstar, but as they headed around the early turn, there was no doubt who wanted this race more. Seldom Told already had opened up a couple of lengths on the rest of the field, and as they crossed the finish like the first time around, his lead had ballooned to 4 lengths over his nearest competitor. By the escape Seldom Told was in complete control, but even got some more help behind him. Pat C Fracking was holding ground on the rail as Gs Hal was blocked and slightly nudged Barts Risingstar as was trying to pass the chasers into second. Come to find out later, this was a critical part of this effort. Down the backside Seldom Told cruised on the easy untouched lead as Risingstar motored into second place and the rest of the field drifted off behind them. By the far turn the lead was still sizeable, 5 full lengths, but down the stretch it would get a bit more interesting. As this duo turned for home, it was just a two-greyhound race for the win. The only greyhound with a chance to get to Seldom Told Before the wire was Risingstar. Trust me when I say, he did his best. He did gain ground. He did shrink the margin, but the timely bump in the 1st turn, made him run out of time in the stretch. Closing fast, he managed to make it appear that it was close, but frankly, Seldom Told breezed to the finish line for the easy victory. Crossing 3 lengths ahead of Risingstar, Seldom Told put DQ back on top in a 660 stakes final at bestbet. Risingstar had to settle for place, but ran a strong race and gave a gallant effort in the stretch. Early factor Pat C Fracking managed to survive a strong stretch run by closer Kk Whitezin late to hold on in the show position at the wire. Whitezin, after a strong backstretch run, settle for the final spot in the superfecta at the wire. Kiss This finished 5th after a poor start, and Herstal was 6th after being left behind early on. Gs Hal was blocked and collided in the escape turn, and Easi Turner had no room early on and chased the field throughout.

FINAL RACE REPLAY of 2016 $50,000 Orange Park Derby

Congratulation to All-American Seldom Told, owner Sharon Williams, trainer Craig Edwards, and everyone else connected with this stupendous greyhound, for yet another stakes victory for the DQ Williams kennel here at bestbet Jacksonville. He will now add his name to a lengthy list of former starts from DQ who remain in infamy at our racetrack. Although he is approaching four years of age in the upcoming months, he has shown no signs of slowing down. Ahead of him are more stakes events, and chances to add even more of a legacy to him name before he hangs up the muzzle. After a couple of lackluster efforts to end qualifying, Seldom Told showed everyone just who wanted it more in this effort, and in the kennel after the race, I bet you could have heard him say, “I TOLD you so.”