Semi-Finals bestbet Puppy Stakes

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Kelly Clark

May 26th, 2017

Time for the top 24 greyhounds in the 2017 bestbet Puppy Stakes to compete once again here in the semi-finals for a chance to move on to the big show on Saturday evening June 3rd at bestbet Jacksonville. That’s the good news, the bad news is that there are only 6 spots left up for grabs in the finals. By winning the first three rounds in a row, Ww Next Bigthing and Ln Michaels have almost guaranteed themselves a spot in the elite eight, but the rest is up for debate. Several greyhounds are lurking and could secure a spot as well with a big-time effort on Saturday evening. Let’s take a closer look at the remaining 3 races and see if we can get you some winners this weekend at bestbet Jacksonville.

Semi-Finals 2017 bestbet Puppy Stakes

Saturday evening May 27th, 2017

Race 7 – Living up to his name, Ww Next Bigthing, is proving that he is the one to beat in this stakes race. Winning all 3 of the rounds so far, four straight, and 6 of his last 7 starts, he is a man amongst boys so far in this competition. Tonight, you get more of the same. He is in a bit tougher than he has been in the past, he does get a tough middle post, but with no speed around him, he will get the lead, prove tough on top, and take home yet another W. Pushing the leader the whole way will be Pat C Cozy. This solid grade A gets another great outside post and looks to get back into the winner’s circle in this effort. She won in round #1, and just missed in the next two. She hasn’t missed the money in 11 straight races and tonight will be just more of the same. The BIGGEST threat to Bigthing, is Cozy. Running late and trying to get into the mix will be the late closing Of Wagon Train and the well posted tough late threat when I want to be runner Paxton Bradshaw. (5-8-6-2)

Race 9 – Another undefeated greyhound graces the ranks and comes out the other side untouched. Ln Michaels is a strong front running greyhound that is getting strong with age. This pup already was in the finals of the $50,000 James J Patton Silver Cup, and hopes that this time around he can post up a better effort in the finals. He has to run through the semi-s first and tonight, he will make quick work of this field. He is in not as tough as Bigthing is, and frankly there is no one here that can match his speed out of the box. Look for an almost false start from the break and for him to dash off early, maintain throughout, and cross with ease for the win. Vying for next best in this effort will be his next door neighbor, Ww Lemon Mint. This girl needs a big effort and the outside post is the best spot for her to do it from. If she follows the leader out from the start, she has a shot at pulling off the upset. Others to consider her include the solid grade A Pat C Flagship, along with the I’m fast, but totally in the wrong box runner, Bang Ludwig. (7-8-3-1)

Race 11 – Another big duel here in the nightcap of the rounds. As fast as I want to be runner, Dutch Double, goes up against the finding my groove now runner, Ww Rowdy. Both greyhounds have done well in the rounds, winning 2 races, but they still might need another strong effort to ideally put them into the final round for sure. Both greyhounds are in places that they like to run from, and either could put up a strong effort and take home the victory in this race. Pure puppy power will determine the outcome of this effort, and for that reason alone I have to give the nod to Dutch Double. From the lead, or from off the pace, this greyhound can get it done. Posting up the fastest effort in qualifying so far, he has the best raw speed of the bunch, and when loose, he is almost unstoppable. The post work, so will he for the win tonight. Rowdy is no slough though, and if Double sits early and waits too long to run, he will be beat by the talented pup. Breaking is more of his forte as of late and will come out close at the start of this effort. In order to win, he will need to steal away the front end, and hope that Double runs into trouble in this effort. They are not the only greyhounds with a chance in this race. Bambi Brake has a win in qualifying and hasn’t missed the trifcvecta in all of her starts in the rounds. She is posted well and can hang with the best of them. A big break is needed for her to do well also. Let’s not forget Braska Jericho on your tickets either. Winning might be a stretch, but contending is like old hat for him. He has been in the money in 5 straight races and has been in the hunt in all of the rounds of the stakes so far. The post is good, let’s see if there is a rabbit left to pull in this effort for a surprise trick into the winner’s circle. (1-6-2-4)

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