Semi-Finals bestbet Sprint Classic

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Kelly Clark

July 29th, 2016

Only one more chance to make an impression and take home some much needed points in the 2016 edition of the bestbet Sprint Classic. That’s right folks, the semi-finals are upon us this Saturday evening and the top 24 will be battling it out for a chance to make their way into the finals. Loads of talent lurk within the ranks and these races seem to be wide open. It could lead to some upsets, and some very exciting racing to watch, wager, and win on here at bestbet Jacksonville. Let’s take a closer look at the remaining races and see if we can get you cashing some tickets on Saturday evening.

Semi-Finals of 2015 $20,000 bestbet Sprint Classic

Saturday evening July 30th, 2016

Race 7 – Another qualify race here full of great greyhounds and the classic of all battles will resume in this effort. So who does it better? The early speed, or the late speed? Well we have a pair of both heading to post in this race and it is going to turn into an interesting finish to say the least. No doubt about who will be vying for the front end at the start of this effort. Upstart Jilian Of Ruckus has been on fire since joining the ranks here at bestbet Jacksonville, and with the 1 box, they are going to be hard pressed to beat her to the turn. She has been rocketing out fast from the box in the rounds and will be vying for the lead early on in this effort. She will not be alone though as last year’s winner, and early speed machine himself, Cj’s Colin will be right there stride for stride trying to take over early command. Both should clear early and it will be a duel on the front end in the early stages. Both will have to work hard if they want to win though as the closers, will be coming late. Maybe stalker/closer is a better term for the 2016 James J Patton stakes champ Ln Houdini. Posted well outside once again, see round 1 from the 8 box, he will be unabated early and should be in the leader’s hip pockets in the early stages of this effort. Once he decides to go by, the rest should be history in this race. Closing, driving, determined, whatever you want to call it, he will have it in spades over the rest in this trip around the oval. The other late runner for the earlies to worry about here is Hey Hey Daddy. The early back to back winner in rounds 1 and 2, this greyhound has the speed to put them all to shame if he gets loose early on. He won round two from the same 4 box, but will need to find room as there will be several early speed greyhounds ahead of him at the break this time around. If he wants to go early, and is too close too soon, he too could pull off the win tonight. (8-1-4-5)

Race 9 – More of the same in this race as we get the best early speed greyhound at the racetrack, Cj’s Sadie, trying to steal enough from the rail post to hold on at the wire and win. The odds are stacked against her once again in this effort, she has only held on to win in 5 of her last 25 races where she has held the lead, but stranger things have happened in the past. No doubt she will see the clean air up front on the lead again in this race, but she will have her work cut out for her early and late if she wants a chance to upset and win. All out monster Kc’s Todd is looking to get back on track after a trouble ridden race last time out. The first round winner, has the skills and tools to get the job done, and even though he too is an early speed runner, he is not as short as Sadie heading home. He should be the greyhound to beat in this effort. Now for the second half of the race, or the other side of the coin, the closers. Real Good Feelin and Lee Tuco have both been tough in the rounds, but Feelin has the win and Tuco only has in the money finishes. The wider you get Feelin, the better she is and tonight she will need to be closer early on in order to be within striking distance late in this effort. She has the tools and the raw speed to get it done, she just needs to step up to the plate again in this race. Tuco is no slouch himself as he has not missed the superfecta in 6 straight trips. Closing is his forte and he doesn’t mind the midtrack post position. If he can get around in stalking position, his hat will be in the rink for the upset at the wire as well in this one. (4-6-2-5)

Race 11 – The final qualifying race on the car might just be the toughest of them all. Seven of the eight greyhounds in this race have already won a round in the stakes so far. They all know how to get it done, so it might just come down to who wants it more, and who NEEDS to win to get in. I know the post is not the best, but I’ll pull on my fantasy football adage, you have to do with the best talent available, and here that is Charlie Bale. I know he has not looked as sharp as he has in the past, but he has the all-out speed that everyone else in this race wishes they had. He can run down anyone, and I mean anyone, at the racetrack when he wants to go and tonight he is out of options. If he wants to make it into the elite 8 at the conclusion of this race, he needs to post up and victory in this effort. Doing what he needs to do to win, Charlie will be a man amongst boys in the stretch. He will have his work cut out for him though as Ww’s Sammy is firing on all cylinders right now. Post plays a role here too as she loves the rail, the 8 box, not so much. Sure she has been successful in the past from out here, but she will need to break extremely well in order to get into the front end from the outside part of the racetrack. She has the ability to get it done, but can she get there alone? That is the true question. Watch out for the puppy stakes winner Pullanallnighter as well. This greyhound can go to the turn with the best of them when she is on, and like the rest, she has to be on tonight. She has loads of early speed, likes the post, and could make the early lead if she can come out running. Once in front, she is a tough out and could pull off the upset in this effort if everything goes her way early on. Don’t sleep on the fantastic upstart Easi Charlie either. Like the rest, post is making a difference for her in this race too. She finally gets back toward the rail in this effort and she has done well there in the past over a limited number of starts. She has good closing ability, but she will need to hit the lid if she wants to take down this stakes worthy field of greyhounds. She too has the tools to get home a winner, she just needs to have to desire to break and take it to them. For sure this will be an exciting race to watch. (5-8-6-2)

The finals of this event will run on Saturday evening August 6th at bestbet Jacksonville in conjunction with the wrap up of our Greyhound Summer promotions. Don’t forget to join us for the finals, the trifecta scratch off tickets, and the second chance drawings taking place next Saturday evening at bestbet Jacksonville.