September Front Runners To Run In The Daytona 550 National Championship

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Jason Michael

September 30th, 2015

*2015 National Champion Husker Magic*

The BetAmerica Daytona 550 National Championship is just over 3 months away, but the discussion for who should be in is already under way. Tracks from around the country will be vying to get their superstar into the newly annual race that will truly crown the USA’s best racing greyhound.

Palm Beach will surely get one of their fantastic athletes into the Field. But who? For the next few months leading up to the big race, I will be showing who the front runners are to be one of the 8 Finalists selected. Remember also that the winner of The Floridian Race (State Championship of Florida) held of December 19th at Naples/Ft Myers Race Track will automatically be in the 550.

Here’s who has the best chance currently to represent Palm Beach in the biggest race of them all on January 23rd, 2016:

Cbj Jackie O ~ Royal Racing

This Jackie O sure can go.

One of the most dynamic closers in the country has turned up her game in her second season of racing at Palm Beach. 50% winner on the season and has been closing out races against some of the best talent at this track. Would seem to be a perfect fit for the longer distance at Daytona.

Pat C Short Cut ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

The other sensational closer at Palm Beach. Just is starting to race back into shape after an extended summer layoff and could be primed and ready to go once winter hits. The St Patrick’s Day Invitational Runner Up and 23 time winner is certainly not a racer you want on your tail rounding the turn for home.

JS ToHotToHandle ~ Koppe, Staats & Collins

Owner Shannon Henry will be looking for her second straight appearance in the National Championship, as she sent JS SpeedyPebbles to the big dance last year.

“Sizzle” has been very hot and cold this season, surging to our #1 Ranking last month, but only able to muster one victory in September. With that ridiculous pop out of the box, she could run with anybody in the country early on. We’ll see if she can heat up again in the next few months.

Barts Dublin ~ Douglas Kennel

The surprise hound of the early part of this season. Currently has the best winning percentage compared to the win leaders at Palm Beach (56%) and leads with 9 wins. Can this dog run against the best hounds in the country though? Too soon to tell.

PJ St Pierre ~ Rader Racing

One of the best mid track games around, Pierre has proven he can run with the best here if given an outside box. Not even 2 yet, Pierre might not be mature come January to run with the nation’s best. It’s a possibility though.

*Party Of One*

Honorable Mention

Party of One, HotFoot Rihanna, CBJ BabyFace, JW Wyatt Earp

Who do you like as your early favorite to run in the National Championship?

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