Something for Everyone This Weekend

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Kelly Clark

August 25th, 2017

More great racing than you can shake a stick at this weekend at bestbet Jacksonville. We have something for everyone on tap and you will get your excitement with several different storylines playing out in the feature races. How about a greyhound trying to climb the ladder to grade A undefeated? Yes, we have that! How about races over all three distances? (550,660 & 770) Yes, we have that! How about the track record holder breaking from a great post? Yes, we have that? How about stakes competitors, and winners, heading to post? Yes, we have that! How about talented pups continuing to dominate? Yes, we have that! And how about streaking greyhound trying to win their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th in a row? Yes, we have that too this weekend! Let’s take a closer look at the fantastic greyhound races on tap for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and let’s see if we can get you cashing some tickets.

Friday Evening August 25th, 2017

Race 7 – Rested and ready to roll, Flying Riverwood is back, and she gets the 1 box to boot. Riverwood is a strong breaking greyhound that runs her best near, or on, the early lead, and with no speed around her at the start, expect for her to find a way there and hold on to win. Hot off a schooling win, it’s her time to shine. Pressing the leader early and often should be Locopegaso. Posted tough tonight, he will have to overcome it, but it is hard to ignore his 3 grade A wines in his last 5 efforts. Takin The Money also gets a look after back to back wins to get up into grade A in this effort, and don’t sleep on the all out late closing threat Boc’s All I Got. If her clears early, he could be a force at the finish. (1-6-2-7)

Race 10 – Puppy power is back and so is the multi-talented Pure Sensation. Runner up in the bestbet Sprint Classic, Pure Sensation got back on track last time out with a dominate late running win in his last effort. He is as good as anyone at the racetrack, and from the 2 box, I expect another stellar victory. Stealing the lead and making it interesting for the second straight race should be Touch To Much. Touch is all about the break, but she is short late and will be once again tonight. Another good effort and another 2nd place finish. Others to consider include the fast climbing again to grade A threat, 3 wins in 5 starts, Ww’s Sugar Rush, and the ideally posted hot off a win runner Ww Mind At Rest. (2-3-8-1)

Race 11 – Ship in takeover in a tough field of greyhounds. Mac’s Kelly has been on FIRE since arriving at bestbet Jacksonville and has shown no signs of slowing down. This prefect breaker has won 5 of her last 6 effort, including her last 3 in a row in grade A. She is the real deal, and they are going to have to beat her out of the box if they want to win. Trying to do just that will be the phenomenal pup Lk’s Black Gold. With 6 trifectas in a row, including 3 wins and 5 quiniela trips, you know she is going to be right there throughout. From a good post, she could be upset minded tonight. Keep an eye out for the closers too. Ironhound Stakes winner Boc’s Queen Lady can come home late with the best of them, especially from the rail, and puppy Lee Bonafide has used his stretch gears to finish in the trifecta in 6 straight races. Expect more of the same tonight. (4-3-1-2)

Race 15 – Over to 660 for this one and another field that is going to be tough to pick. Sure, everyone will go with the red-hot hand, Lk’s Centuria, but can she hold up again against this talented field? Sure! She has a great break and can win from off the pace as well. With 4 wins in 6 races in grade A, she is the one to beat here. That is unless Barts Risingstar decides to wake up and run. He is the fastest greyhound we have seen at the racetrack over 660 in a mighty long time, and he could do some major damage from a good rail post in this effort. The 2016 bestbet Derby winner, he too could expand tonight on his 3 wins in his last 6 races in grade A. Don’t forget about Lee Trinity either. This greyhound is no slouch herself with 4 straight in the money, including a dominate win from a similar post, and Businessasusual also should get some consideration from the 1 box here. New to A, this closer has 5 money finished in 6 races. A bit over his head? Maybe, but good enough for a spot in the money again tonight. (5-2-3-1)

Saturday Matinee August 26th, 2017

Race 7 – Time to cheer for the climb, and this time around it could happen. Cp’s Nauset Flo has not been beat to the turn, or the wire, in all 4 of her official races at bestbet Jacksonville. This one won’t be as easy as some of the rest, but she still could get the job done if she runs her best. She hasn’t been outside yet, but the 8 box mimics the rail if she can get out on top. Can she win? YES! Will she?? Trying to teach the new dog some old tricks will be the likes of Ww Spearmint, Bambi Brake, and Boc’s Andross. All three know how to win races and find a spot in the money at the wire. They are posted well, can hang tough late, and any of the trio could steal away the show if they can get cleanly to the lead in this effort. If they decide to break, the race might just be for place today.

Race 11 – Another interesting race for the weekend as no one wants to break, but a lot of greyhounds want to close late and win. BGR Benny Da Jet has been on a roll winning 3 of 5 races and just missing in the other two. He can come out close early, but closing is how he gets things done. All the planets are aligning for him right now. Time to win again! It won’t be easy though as the talent climbing closer Jedi Texas Acre is on the scene too. Winning 3 of 5 in grade A, and coming from off the pace to get it done, today might just be another victory at the wire. Posted well, I expect it to be tight at the finish line. You must consider Lindy Booth and Ray Lewis too in this effort. Neither are consistent, but they can break on occasion and compete on the front end. They even win some. Both are posted well and could be surprise winners if it all goes right early on.  (5-6-1-3)

Saturday Evening August 26th, 2017

Race 4 – It might not be a grade A race, but it is a marathon, and everyone loves a marathon race. This one is grade TC, so half C’s and half D’s, but experience over the route trumps class any day for me in these longer races. When you get both at the same time, that is who you need to go with. Riser has run the most marathons as of late and she fared well in both of those starts. She can be a bit short late, but should steal enough early to hold on at the wire for the win. Pressing her will be the former grade A Pat C Da Ta. This greyhound can run this far turn, and if she finds room early, she might just prove who really is best in this effort. Some chase is what I expect, but she could want more late. C Ville Hope also can push the early pace and make the leaders work, only to fade back late for a spot in the money at the wire, and let’s take a peek at Lk’s Whats Next too. This greyhound has gained throughout in the last 2 marathon races he has run in. With a better post here, he might just find a way to factor in the stretch. (2-5-7-3)

Race 7 – This is probably the toughest field on the weekend. When you get a former stakes winner that might not be the one to beat, you know that it is going to be an exciting race to watch and wager on. Here I like the hot hand, so JJ’s Beau Bates it is. This greyhound is coming off a hard-earned win and has been in the money in 6 straight. What is more impressive is that 5 of the 6 where in the quiniela and in each she was a threat throughout. Look for a strong break and for her to stalk early and take over at the wire. Making her case will be Beau Bates kennelmate, and 2016 bestbet Sprint Classic winner, Hey Hey Daddy. Daddy has gotten a little longer in the tooth and might not be as consistent as she used to be, but trust me when I say, the speed is still there. No winning as much as she used to, but she can still make her presence known. One box in hand, she factors from the get go tonight. Others to worry about include the probable early leader Imark Javilin, who has lead at the turn and finished in the trifecta in 4 straight, and the recent 3 races in a row winner Kells Ferrari. (4-1-3-5)

Race 11 – Capping off the evening we gets the fastest greyhound ever to grace the oval at Orange Park. Real Good Feelin not only is the winner of the 2017 bestbet Sprint Classic, she is also the track record holder, and an 87-race winner. Posted well tonight in the 2 box, this early stalker will make her patented move in the second half of this effort for her 3rd victory in a row tonight. If she does want to win she will need to run down Kc’s Todd in the process. I’m sure he is getting tired of it by now, but it is what it is. In his last race he missed the start, found trouble, and was out of it early on, but that won’t happen in back to back starts. Away from the crowd in the 8 box, look for him to rocket to the front end and lead to the stretch again here. Surrendering late, he settles for YET ANOTHER, in the money finish. Both greyhounds will have threat to their running styles in this effort. Ww’s Castle Rock is the other early speeder that will push the pace to late in the race, and the closing part will be handle by super-pup Lee Anson. Anson is the real deal, winning 4 of 5 in grade A, and coming from last in all of those efforts to get the job done at the wire. He will be on the charge again tonight and could make it interesting at the finish line. (2-4-6-8)

Sunday Matinee August 27th, 2017

Race 11 – In this matinee feature it looks like Idaho Kinky is the one to beat. This greyhound is coming in hot off a win and can get the job done from the lead, or from off the pace. He is rounding back into winning form and has been running tough with 8 money finishes in his last 10 efforts. Time for the Britney classic, hit me baby one more time. Making him work early, and probably showing up as the one to catch, will be the rested and ready runner, Makes Adam West. This greyhound is at his best up front, and with the empty box next to him, a big break should be no problem in this effort. He is short late though, so he might need to settle for place at the finish line. Another early speeder, and someone else to maybe push the pace, is Gs Viola. Like most ankle burners, she too is short in the later stages of this race. She is posted well and will look to expand on her 9 of 10 races, including 6 straight, in the money finishes. Finally, is Braska Penelope. Winning might be tough for her, but factoring will not. Posted well, this closer will through her hat in the ring late in this effort. (2-5-8-3)